Thursday, July 12, 2012

fourth of july...

We kicked off our fourth of july with the Taylor Family Reunion.  Family came in from 
Arizona, Washington and West Virginia.   all Cory's siblings were together and all 28
grandchildren with 3 new little babies.

we are growing quite large.  Jake and Candace were in charge this year and planned 
lots of activities with beads that they got to put on their "Big T" necklace if they passed 
off the activities.  it was well planned and my children were in cousin heaven!
sleepovers every night and plenty of late nights!! 

the scouts presented the flag early on the fourth and then we spent 2 hours on a service project.
all the kids and family cleaned up broken tree branches, trimmed trees and did lots of
 yard work at Aunt Mary's {Mary Pulley} 

it was  a great way to start out the fourth of july honoring our beautiful country, and 
watching our boys present the flag.
I always choke up this time of year and am so grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy.
we are truly blessed!

getting our gloves on to start our service project...

Uncle Sam showed up with music to say hi to the little kids! haha  

these girls are tired and done helping. ha  
i guess they had a late night at their sleepover!

after the service project we played all sorts of water games, launched water balloons and 
played on papa's go kart!

after we had lunch and played games at nana's house we shifted over to our house for a polynesian chicken and coconut rice dinner.  the kids performed skits and passed off some more beads for their "big T" necklace.

we played all night and then watched the fireworks from our own backyard.  it was quite the 
show with the neighborhood fireworks and watching the fire
 on the mountain all night.

 these crazies were hilarious holding hands together and backflipping at the same time.  It's amazing no one was injured that day... er uh well actually cute little cousin hailey broke her leg that night.  good thing my awesome neighbor is our pediatrician.  boo!

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