Tuesday, May 29, 2012

memorial day...

we had a fabulous day of beautiful weather! we started off the day with the Ultimate crossfit 
workout "Lumberjack 20" of course to honor the fallen soldiers. 
 so intense but so awesome!

when we got home the kids had all written cute cards and notes for parker's grave.
it was a day full of love and peace as we prepared to visit their sweet brothers gravesite.
I'm always amazed at the beauty of the cemetery on Memorial Day.  
It is literally so breathtaking!

We ate lunch at "Sammy's" with the carson's and then cory and I headed out for some 
biking with my sister mindy for her very first Mtn. bike ride! whoop whoop!
I'm not to sure she liked it. haha

we ended with a delicious bbq and our cousins playing!  Boston headed to a movie with 
his cousins to see Men in black 3.  we ate s'mores and then passed out late at night.

2 more sleeps til summer break!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012


My niece Witney opened up the show on Thursday!! Be sure to watch
 every thursday night on fox 7/8c!!  Check out her audition here!!

here is the clip of her opening up the show!!  GO WIT!! she's the gorgeous blonde!

it's been a while...

I've been a blog slacker lately.  i am now an Instagram addict! it's like blogging but better. 
most of my pictures are actually from my iphone anyway.  

I've been training for this and then the following weekend, this!  School gets out this week, 
and lots of camps, lessons, etc are being scheduled!
the calendar is getting full!

my kids are excited to start there reading lists, journal writing and to mark off their jobs for 
the day!  We have some exciting things planned for our "summer bucket list" 
if they can get their tasks done!

on saturday mornings a bunch of girlfriends and i have been enjoying the beautiful provo trail!  
i love running down south fork and passing 'bridal veil falls' it's a gorgeous run, i highly recommend it!

Father & Sons

My handsome boys went on an overnight campout with the ward.  Just the boys! 

it was also our school carnival that night so i took the girls to play at the school. 
the carnival was darling but they had to move it inside because of the windy cold weather.

after the carnival we went to get pedicures and Orange leaf.  then went home to watch 
the 'good luck charlie' marathon.  

The boys went shooting guns and enjoyed freezing their butts off all night. 
good times!

AF lacrosse

Boston had a blast playing Lacrosse this spring.  It was especially fun for him to play 
on the sameteam as his cousin cade!   
They played very well since it was their first year playing.

we played the first two games in the playoffs and won then we lost in the semifinals!

Cade & Boston

we lost to Lonepeak, {sigh} where Boston had a few friends on that team. 
 I laugh so hard at this picture!

Brevin and Boston

Spring Recital...

The Vibe had their annual Spring Recital.  It was so fun for Olivia to dance
with her bff's who were in her combo class!   She loves dance and is doing so great.

I love that we got a picture of all the cousins dancing together!
charlee is taking a break to play sports {boo} and witney is graduating this year and is
off to college and pretty sure to pursue her dance career. {wink wink}

olivia changed out of her swimsuit so fast, but their dance was "Surfin Safari" which was SOOO cute!

Swim Team!

This is the twins FIRST year to try out for swim team!  Boston took a nice break
 for a few years
and chose to do it this year! I am so excited!

they did awesome on tryouts.  Olivia and Hayes had to swim freestyle 
and then backstroke. 
they were slow but they did it. haha

Boston had to swim an IM of all 4 strokes and he Rocked it!
they only have 4 swim meets, which will be good for me, they are long and HOT!

Olivia tried out twice.  the first time she literally choked on water and held onto 
the side.  the next day i took boston and hayes for their tryout and she did much better.

Liv with her buddies in our neighborhood
{kate, tessa, portia, liv}


school is ALMOST over! yahoo.... i canNOT wait to play all summer with these kids.
we have a summer bucket list, with activities that we must do while we are on summer break.

last week they were out of school half day for testing.  so we planned some fun lunches in the park
followed by many "snoasis" stops!

we met my david and lauren and played some tennis with them too.
the kids loved to play and actually did very good. 
 this is when i need to invest in a ball machine!

can't wait for tennis lessons for the twins...


We finally had our last dance competition of the season on mothers day weekend!
It was Nationals!

we took first place in so many dances and won overall in
 "Say Hey" & "Teach me  how to shimmy"

we pretty much swept the stage with trophies! that was so much fun for the girls to see!
Way to go VIBE!!! 

Mother's day...

pretty much my kids made my Mother's day the BEST!
there is nothing better than homemade cards, flowers, treats and coupons for lots of 
household cleaning and foot rubs!  They all tried so hard to make
 me my favorite things! priceless!

seriously i feel so blessed to have such amazing kids.  they make me so unbelievably happy
i couldn't have planned a better day, they made it perfect!

happy mothers day to all of you beautiful inspiring women who have been such a part
part of my life. 

the "four eyes" club!

guess who wears glasses?!  these two little smarty pants!  

 they both have an "Astigmatism" but Olivia has it in both eyes.  it is not a premature
thing, which i was totally thinking it was.  It's genetic and they only need to wear glasses 
while in school or reading.   

they LOVE to wear them, hayes actually wears them a lot while livi says it bugs her, 
so we won't push it all summer but when they start school in the fall we will have to get 
some more colorful ones.

i think they look so darling!

Wheeler Farms...

The twins had a darling field trip to "Wheeler Farms" in Draper.  It was so cute and they spent most of the day touring the farm and learning all about the animals.  they had new little baby sheep and baby goats which was so fun for them to see.  

the highlight of the field trip was the feeding the ducks, they actually chase after you
so watch out for those babies!


Olivia had a Dance Competition at Lagoon.  My boys had Lax and baseball games so i 
went with my girls up to Lagoon all day!   
We decided to make a day of it and ride the rides in between and after.  
My sister Jill and her daughter Camry were with us too.

so after Camry and Olivia were done dancing we ran to the rides!!
Olivia was brave and went on a bunch of older rides.  first time for "the bat" and she loved it!

Ivy had never been to Lagoon, so now we can check that off of our summer bucket list! ha!

olivia's company team also won "1st" place in all three dances 
and won "1st" place OVERALL in her "Teach me how to shimmy" dance!!   
GO VIBE!!  woo hoo

Vegas with the Granum's!!

We met our bff's "the Granum's" in Las Vegas to celebrate Jenn's birthday!
 They came all the way from Maui!
it was a much needed trip {kid less} to just hang out and relax, like old times.

We stayed at the "Aria" resort and it was very cool and modern.  The Spa and Gym were 
We ate at our favorite spots and tried some new ones too,  We shopped, rode the Roller coaster at the New York Hotel, learned how to play PAI GAI Poker and fully enjoyed all my JENN time!  

I Love this girl like crazy!!

goooooo Tigers!!

Hayes has been LOVING his baseball season, we have just a few more games until the playoffs.
It's Machine Pitch and he loves being on the same team as his cousin and his friend.

to play in this league they had tryouts and i was dying that they did that at age 7! crazy!
He has learned a lot this season and can hit the ball and is learning
 how to be a good fielder. {wink wink}

when they hang out in the dug out, this is usually what i find him doing...

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