Sunday, May 27, 2012

Swim Team!

This is the twins FIRST year to try out for swim team!  Boston took a nice break
 for a few years
and chose to do it this year! I am so excited!

they did awesome on tryouts.  Olivia and Hayes had to swim freestyle 
and then backstroke. 
they were slow but they did it. haha

Boston had to swim an IM of all 4 strokes and he Rocked it!
they only have 4 swim meets, which will be good for me, they are long and HOT!

Olivia tried out twice.  the first time she literally choked on water and held onto 
the side.  the next day i took boston and hayes for their tryout and she did much better.

Liv with her buddies in our neighborhood
{kate, tessa, portia, liv}

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