Monday, December 29, 2008

Skiing & Tubing...

All in one day!

  We started off this morning Skiing up at Sundance with Cory's Dad,  Siblings and his Aunt and Uncle from North Carolina.  We had a great time with everyone & enjoyed some great skiing! 

L to R
Uncle Mike, Heather, Me, Cory, Penny, Kelly, Shea, Papa, Boston & Judd
{Missing the Snowboarders,  Jake & Andrea}

Heather & Shea
Heather Loved getting ready to go skiing!!  haha

Boston & Mom

Judd & Cory
These two are quite Amazing Skiers, Judd was on the Ski Patrol for Deer Valley and ski's beautifully, and Cory, well he just goes all the time and is Awesome!  This is Cory drenching me with Snow right when i was taking the picture!

Penny & Mike

Judd & Boston
Waiting for everyone to come down...

Go Kelly Go!

Kelly & Papa coming down!  

Afterwards we met Nana in the Lodge {she had my little ones} Thank you Nana,
Then headed up the Mountain to Soldier Hollow for the "Greatest" Tubing Ever!!  

***************** SOLDIER HOLLOW ****************

We go tubing here every year with our friends from our Neighborhood.  It is always so much fun for the kids, oh and Parents! 

"Group Picture"
Some of them already left to the lodge to get some Hot Cocoa and Lunch.

Some of the Girlies
{Kenna, Caryn, Susan, Me, Ivy, Daphne}
We missed you Jane & Sela!
~not shown, Melanie, Lucy & Tasha

KJ & Livi's 
My kids love KJ and were so excited when they saw him.

Daddy helping Hayes & Olivia go on their own Sledding hill.

Momma & her girls

Boston & Livi

look in this picture {below.} 
Behind the tubes on the left is the Tow rope to take you up to the top of the hill, then on the right of this picture you can see the tubing lanes where you come flying down.  It is so fun to go with a group and hang on to each others tubes while coming down. 

Boston, Myla, Stephanie, & Aubree

Daddy doing what he does best...

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day

I love Everything about this day!  The anticipation of morning, the Presents, &  being with my family.  But Mostly i love the "spirit" of Christmas.  The love you  feel for others throughout this time of year! I just have a much greater love to want to serve others and  be a better person
and to top it off it Snowed!

We were awoken at 6:45 am, and then i made the boys go back to sleep for one more hour. I am sure they were dying!

The kids were so fun to watch open their presents and play with all their Toys.  My favorite all day has been Hayes' excitement of the empty plate of cookies and Milk.  He just loved that there were crumbs and all the cookies were gone.  Oh to be 4 yrs old again!

Ivy's first Christmas

After we opened presents & ate a big breakfast, we went with the Curry's & Carson's to see This AWESOME Movie...

We loved it! The kids all loved it too.  

We went from Jammies to Sweats and then back into our Jammies! Then  we all came back to our House to make Tyler's yummy Shrimp.  We ate lots of  food and the kids all played with their toys.  

We had some Serious Snowball fights with Boston's new Snowball launcher.  Boys against Dad's...Yes, some kids came in crying. haha
We have an awesome Sledding hill on the lot behind our house and a fun place to go snowmobiling right across from our house.  

We have all been super busy being better Rockers in this house with Guitar Hero world tour!  I am pretty much Amazing at Singing but need some help with the guitar! ha

These kids have been so fun!

Ivy's new Bumbo! 

{Shannon & Witters}

I love just hanging out, playing games and watching movies together as a family especially while all the snow is falling.   It is so peaceful and so relaxing.  

It was such a wonderful day & I am so grateful for the gift that our Savior has given us, and how wonderful it is to continually feel of his love, especially this time of year!

Oh and guess who's been sick the last couple of days? Me! UGh, i never get sick. I am doing so much better now though, Thankfully!

Christmas Eve

These Monkeys were so much fun helping get cookies and milk ready for Santa!  Boston cut up some Carrots for the reindeer, wasn't that so considerate?  He even thought about laying out a blanket for Santa so he could take it with him in the Sleigh.  
Our Christmas Eve traditions start with the kids opening their cousin present on the Johnson side {since we do the Taylor side at the Taylor party} & then they open one present all together from mom and dad!   

We read a book all together by the fire, this year it was "Elf on a shelf" and then track santa on the Internet pretty much until bedtime.  He was in New York when we set the kids off to bed.  Actually they sleep in our room on their own made up beds, so they can all wake up together in the morning and see what he brought!
It is so fun trying to get these wild little kids to bed on Christmas Eve... haha

I kept hearing Olivia ask me "Did Santa come yet mom" in her sweet high voice.
I'm pretty sure Boston didn't fall asleep until 2 A.M!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

We Wish you a Merry Christmas...

Love, The Taylor Family


Pretty much the cutest show i have ever seen, especially since it is in 3D!

Grandma Hansen's Christmas Party!

Cory's Beautiful Grandma has her birthday on the 23rd, so we celebrate it with all the Grandkids and Great grandkids & It is ONE HUGE Party! This amazing Woman has 13 kids! 59 grandkids (not including spouses) & 59 great Grandkids, Most of them still live around here so it is always so much fun to get together at Grandma Hansens.
Santa always comes and brings presents to the kids. Calls them by name and Chats with each child. He is a very funny Santa!
The kids love it and we love that we can all be together in one home, b/c that does not happen alot.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Taylor Christmas party

Cory & I both come from big families so we are used to having BIG Parties! This year we had the Christmas Party on the Taylor side at our house and it turned out Wonderful. Cory made the Prime Rib and did very well, it was delicious! We had lots of yummy food and Entertainment from the little cousins.
Kelly, Heather & Shea went to Israel this year and bought all these cute Nativity clothing for the Traditional Nativity scene. It was so adorable.

We had 18 adults, 10 kids and 3 little babies...

The kids table, with Crossword puzzles and Coloring Pages

the Adult Tables

The little cousins getting ready for the cutest nativity i have ever seen.

Hayes, Ava & Gavin were the "3" wiseman

Boston was Joseph, Hannah was Mary and Olivia and Reese were the Angels, Coop and Cam were Shepherds

December is the craziest month for the Taylors and me! We celebrated all the December birthdays in one night, with Nana's yummy Dirty dessert!
Cory, Hayes, Olivia, Candace, Phil, & Reese. That is half of my little family and then i have my own siblings and nieces birthdays also. It's the Craziest Birthday month of the year!

Happy Birthday Guys!!

Then the part all the little kids were so excited for ....
The Gift exchange! This year for the Adults we did a Food storage item. It was Great!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Congrats to Brett & Shauntelle Granum

We love the Granum family, and this is the baby boy of the family. They were married in the SLC temple on a very cold and beautiful snowy day.  What awesome pictures!

We went up to hang out with the family at the Grand America Hotel.  It was a beautiful reception and i love all the attempts at getting my family to cooperate for a picture.  We did it for Bob though. haha

Honey..., Seriously he is such a stinker...:)

This picture is blurry, but i needed to post it, b/c Olivia was pounding the chocolate from the Chocolate fountain.  Yummy!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

School Party!

 Boston only had school until 11:30 today and all the kids wore their Pajamas to their School Party!!  We had such a fun Party for them.  They watched a 3D movie "Santa Vs. the Snowman" and then they all ate Christmas cookies with their Hot chocolate.   They were pretty much hyped up on sugar for the remainder of the day and so was I!

Mrs. Allen's 3rd grade class 

3D Movie
"Santa Vs. the Snowman"
Combined with the 1st grade class so Jenn didn't have to do 2 different parties!
{Look at all of their expressions during the Movie, They are all just laughing so hard.}

Studly little boys

Hot Chocolate Bar

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