Friday, December 05, 2008

Dr. Hammond's Christmas Party!

My Dentists Dr. Hammond & Ellis have the best Parties! He rented out the Peaks Arena for their Christmas Party. We ate donuts & hot chocolate & even saw Santa!

It was right after school, so I dragged Lacey with me so Hayes & Olivia could Ice skate too! John & Tasha brought their boys too. We loved it and had so much fun!

Even Ivy got in on the action! You can take strollers on the ice!

Hayes was just laughing the whole time, it was so funny! Boston is great at it and learned some more stuff from John Curry while we were there. {John played on a Hockey team} & Olivia loved to skate while hanging on the Stroller. So cute!


Boston loves to go super fast and just slide on his butt.

Lacey & Hayes {look at Hayes' face. haha}

Lacey & Olivia



Idaho Penningtons said...

Who said a baby slows you down!! Defineatly not you!!!! hehehehe

KATE said...

Too cute for words!!!

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