Monday, December 29, 2008

Skiing & Tubing...

All in one day!

  We started off this morning Skiing up at Sundance with Cory's Dad,  Siblings and his Aunt and Uncle from North Carolina.  We had a great time with everyone & enjoyed some great skiing! 

L to R
Uncle Mike, Heather, Me, Cory, Penny, Kelly, Shea, Papa, Boston & Judd
{Missing the Snowboarders,  Jake & Andrea}

Heather & Shea
Heather Loved getting ready to go skiing!!  haha

Boston & Mom

Judd & Cory
These two are quite Amazing Skiers, Judd was on the Ski Patrol for Deer Valley and ski's beautifully, and Cory, well he just goes all the time and is Awesome!  This is Cory drenching me with Snow right when i was taking the picture!

Penny & Mike

Judd & Boston
Waiting for everyone to come down...

Go Kelly Go!

Kelly & Papa coming down!  

Afterwards we met Nana in the Lodge {she had my little ones} Thank you Nana,
Then headed up the Mountain to Soldier Hollow for the "Greatest" Tubing Ever!!  

***************** SOLDIER HOLLOW ****************

We go tubing here every year with our friends from our Neighborhood.  It is always so much fun for the kids, oh and Parents! 

"Group Picture"
Some of them already left to the lodge to get some Hot Cocoa and Lunch.

Some of the Girlies
{Kenna, Caryn, Susan, Me, Ivy, Daphne}
We missed you Jane & Sela!
~not shown, Melanie, Lucy & Tasha

KJ & Livi's 
My kids love KJ and were so excited when they saw him.

Daddy helping Hayes & Olivia go on their own Sledding hill.

Momma & her girls

Boston & Livi

look in this picture {below.} 
Behind the tubes on the left is the Tow rope to take you up to the top of the hill, then on the right of this picture you can see the tubing lanes where you come flying down.  It is so fun to go with a group and hang on to each others tubes while coming down. 

Boston, Myla, Stephanie, & Aubree

Daddy doing what he does best...


Jennifer Napierski said...

So much fun. We usually go New Year's Day but guess not this year. Ryan likes to get as many people linked together and head down. We filmed it last year while we were cruising down and it was hilarious.

Idaho Penningtons said...

So fun! we love tubing! We are leaving to go ski for 3 days - wish you were here!

Esther Attridge said...

That looks like so much fun!! I really need to take up skiing :)

Anonymous said...

I love to tube!!! That looks like such a good place with no tree's to go flying into, that is always a bad thing!!! Love the pictures, snow makes such a great background and you guys look so snug and warm in your snow gear;0)

jane said...

pretty much the best Utah winter day ever! skiing and tubing!

I totally missed out! I LOVE your pictures and can't believe Ivy is just chillin' out in the snow, she's totally happy to be out there!

Tammy and Parker said...

I love the fact that you bring your littlest blessing right along where the rest of your family goes.

And you're a baby wearing Mom to boot!

You give even 'more mature' Moms like myself.....ahem... ideas to put to good use!

I always get such a lift from visiting your blog. Thank you for sharing your sweet family.

Ludvigson Family said...

Looks like a great day!

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