Thursday, July 31, 2008


This day was destined to come! We had so much fun with our friends today and the kids all had so much fun. Boston's favorite ride was "Wicked" and Hayes and Olivia said they loved the "Whale ride"! We had all boys today except for Olivia and Breanna, so The boys had a BLAST!

We had to have the old fashioned pictures with all the kids. It was Hilarious! Hayes was acting like "Woody" in his Cowboy gear, and Crew was showing off with his hat and money! They were seriously so fun to watch, and we were a Zoo!

Here is our Group shot minus Mc Call and Lacey, who were taking the Pictures.

This was the Ride of the Day.... A Favorite of Everyones, so they had to go on it again!!
{It is seriously Very Crazy, but looks so fun}

While the big kids went on the Crazy rides, Livi and Hayes had fun in Kiddieland...

It was so Hot, that we definitely needed to cool off with "Rattlesnake Rapids" Even Hayes & Olivia went on it...

The Pirate Ship was a HUGE hit!
Our kids were on the left side first 2 rows.

More Fun rides for the little ones!

The "BAT"

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"BYU" Bowling...

We went last night with the Taylor Cousins Bowling and had so much fun! We had 3 lanes ~ the little kids, Pre-teens, and Adults. Boston, Hayes & Olivia were having so much fun with their cousins, lets just say these kids are always totally Entertained when together!


Nana {Who was on FIRE}

Hayes loved pushing his Ball and then waiting to see how many pins he knocked down.

Boston actually bowled pretty good, he was in 3rd Place

Olivia was Hilarious...When the pins got knocked down, she would scream "Yah, Yah"! She also bowled a Strike!!

How could it NOT be fun, when you have this many kids and Little kids hanging out!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

"This is the Place"

We went up to Salt lake to "This is the Place" Monument State park! It is absolutely darling and the kids did so many fun things that the Pioneers did. I was shocked how many cute things they had going on, especially since it was the Pioneer weekend.
The kids helped with Chores {washing Clothes}, they Pulled handcarts, Played Tug o war, exchanged Money in the Bank, rode horses, enjoyed a darling Petting zoo, Walked through Brigham Youngs home, rode in a Covered Wagon and had a Watermelon eating Contest!
We seriously learned so much today about the Pioneers, and the kids were so Awesome, especially since it was 106 degrees today!!

{Jenn and all the kids in the Covered Wagon}

{Watermelon Contest}

In this little house they had 7 children. This is the Only bed in that whole house!

Helping with Chores. Washing and Ironing.
It was a Priviledge to go to school then, and the teacher explained all about if you broke the Rules... It was pretty bad!

The Bank

We ate Lunch there and the kids spent their money in the Candy shop at the very first "ZCMI" shopping store.

Pulling Handcarts

The Petting area, which was so dang cute, we were up and close to Cows, sheep and Little goats, the kids were LOVING this part!

Horse rides...
Hayes was so funny, he was so excited to ride on a horse like woody, and wouldn't stop talking about it all day and then of course started to cry right before the ride. We made him ride the horse and he was Fine. Of course at the end of the ride he was loving it!

Hayes Carving a piece of Granite to Help build the Salt Lake Temple
We had a Wonderful Pioneer Experience, i loved this place!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


By my cute Sil Andrea. She wanted to know "10" Random things about me, so here you go...

1. I LOVE Water... drinking it, swimming in it, Hearing it, looking at it. I feel so comfortable in Water, and feel so relaxed when around it. I seriously LOVE the Ocean and am so comfortable in it! I know this sounds weird, but i feel like i can breathe under water. I always wanted to be a Mermaid when i was little. haha

2. I can fall asleep so easily, it drives Cory nuts, because he has the hardest time falling asleep!
The minute my head lays on the Pillow, i am OUT!!

3. I love to Smell Brand new books! I know it's kind of weird, but i am loving my Relief Society manual smell. Weird huh?!

4. I have an issue with Lotion..."Body Butter" from the Body shop is my favorite, it is so moisturizing. I just like to have lots of Lotion on right before bed, it's part of my Routine, and it smells so good! {could also be the reason why i have NO stretch marks}

5. I love to VACATION... If there was a degree in School, it would have been my Major!! I am still in that stage where i would choose "Tropical" before anywhere else.

6. I absolutley LOVE doing Hair...But if i had to do it all over again i would be a NICU nurse.

7. I love MORNINGS!!! It is very hard for me to sleep in, my body just wakes up! How do you not LOVE waking up Happy?!! I love to be the first one up, already home from the Gym, before all the others come down for Breakfast. It is my favorite part to my Day! {unfortunately not some in my family} hee hee

8. I LOVE working out!! I have serious anxiety if i haven't done something for myself for the day.(biking, running, Power pump, Lifting weights, Rollerblading, etc) This is why it is very hard for me at the End of my pregnancy when i do NOTHING and it just Kills me!!

9. I secretly have to know that all the toys in my playroom are in the Right Bins...I know it's more like a disorder, but it just drives me nuts that they are not in it's right place.

10. i Love jacob, Not Edward!

Wow...Sadly, i could keep going!! So this will be interesting to see some Random things about you... I know you are all so busy to do this, but it really is kind of fun to get to know you all better...
So i Tag all of you!

Pioneer Day...

We were supposed to be spending our "Pioneer holiday weekend" with all of my family at my Sisters lakehouse in Couer d' lene, Idaho. But our plane ride fell through last minute and so we just hung out for the day here at home. Our Friend John came flying into the Provo Airport to check on some homes out here for a few hours and so he took Boston and Cory up flying around the Valley!
Boston was Loving it and now can't wait to get his Pilot's License...

{Olivia was crying so bad when i pulled her out of the airplane. She wanted to go flying too}

Monday, July 21, 2008


We had a Book club this afternoon for Boston and all the boys in our Neighborhood. This book is Seriously so Good! I even decided to read it to maybe help Boston out with understanding it. It is one of my Fav's now. It is a Series, so now we are excited to get the Second book and have a Book club again in August!

We started the Discussion in the Morton's Treehouse. It was perfect, since in the Book the kids would go there also. We had Magical Hot Chocolate and Yummy Brownies to start off our Activity of Searching for Fairies!! {in the book, the Sorenson kids drank a special kind of milk and they would see all these fairies and Magical Creatures}

Then they went on a Search to find the Fairies...

Then we spent the rest of the Afternoon playing in the Pool! They were playing off of the book all day, even when swimming.... "Naiad's & Sorensons"

It's seriously a Great Book and i would Highly suggest it to those of you who are "Harry Potter" fans, I think it's better!!

On another note~ I had my 32 week Dr. appt today and everything is looking great! I am measuring 2 weeks Ahead, which i am still keeping my scheduled date of Sept. 16th. Now i go to the Dr. every 2 weeks, so the Countdown is now ON!!


Boston had a Swim meet in Payson at 7 am! It was an early start to our day. He swam awesome and Placed 2nd in Freestyle and 1st in Backstroke and then was DQ'd for Breastroke. (oops)
He swam against alot of boys his age, so we were pretty excited. He also qualified for the Gold Meet, which is where all the Best swimmers go for County.

After The Swim meet we went to American Forks "Steel Days" Parade and Carnival with all of our Cousins. Cory's family is all from American Fork, so it's quite the Big deal. We had a Great time and My kids got to go on some Ghetto Carni Rides! haha

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