Wednesday, September 30, 2009

grandparents day... so darling.

At Boston's school they have a day to Honor the Grandparents. Today they sang and each class did a skit. Boston loves his Grandparents and is so lucky to have some close by. I love the songs that their Choir sang, my favorite was "Your a hero" it just melts your heart...

Boston is right in the middle


John Lennon

Boston's september book report was yesterday. He had to read a Biography of someone and he chose "The Beatles", the book was great. He is my little musician at heart. We learned so much about the Band and found some of the top hits on you tube. He dressed up like John Lennon and had his rockband guitar hanging on him and gave his oral report by memorization to the class.

He did awesome...

"John Lennon"

before the reports, his whole class had memorized the "Declaration of Independance" and they recited it to the parents. Then they sang their "Popcorn" song. {the theme for his class}

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Johnson Clan...

We just enjoyed a fabulous cousin crazed weekend with my family!

let me explain to you my family background...

I am the youngest of 7 siblings. 2 boys, then 5 girls... i am the baby.

My parents divorced when i was 3. This is the very reason why we are so close. I love that we have always been there for each other and I have such wonderful examples to follow.
I have always been so spoiled. ;)

my mother married and had 2 more boys, yes, my mom had 10 children, 9 living! She's amazing!
these little brothers of mine i love to pieces... i still like to be the baby. :)

I have wonderful parents, but i have even more wonderful siblings! {wink wink}

My dad and all the Johnson clan were here for the weekend. We have 2 big events...
My nephew TJ is enlisting into the army and will be working in negotiating, he may be living in Germany soon. My other Nephew Nick is entering the MTC and serving in the Portland Oregon mission.

it was so much fun to all get together... we were missing all the other family that couldn't come, but most of us were here and we had a wonderful time.

I love my family...

on saturday we took the little ones to see this cute movie, while the big kids and Dad's went to the BYU game...

my brothers
Darren & Derek

after the game we all came back to roast S'mores in the fire pit
and play some games.

after church today we all had a big dinner together.
Swiss steak, corn, mashed potatoes and some Pumpkin pie

grandma madge with hayes and grandpa

my brother Derek with my Dad


all my sisters

Guess who's "40th" birthday we celebrated today?


handsome daddy with ivy


to celebrate Jills big "40" we asked everyone 40 questions about Jill to see how well they knew her. i passed out candy to the winners... these kids should know her pretty good now. haha

instead of cake for her birthday {shes on weight watchers} we sang to her and passed out weight watchers ice cream bars... mmmm the kids loved these

my brother Darren and my dad

grandpa/nick {the missionary}/ darren

Viva Las Vegas...

we had a fabulous, much needed time in Las Vegas! Cory & our friends Dusty & Angie went for the innerbike convention. We decided last minute to leave baby ivy {she is "1"} and enjoy the trip with no kids.

It was so great, my kids did great, ivy did great... i did however miss my baby.

we stayed at the Wynn hotels new addition "Encore" it was beautiful.
we always LOVE the Wynn.

the spa and fitness center were incredible. I loved getting Angie out and enjoying all that the spa had to offer, while the boys were in meetings or biking.

{our view from our pool}

Forum shops

we ate at the wynn's delicious Okada, and had a tepanyaki style dinner with some of their best sushi. It was seriously The Best.

Angie & I got to have alot of Rest and Relaxation...

our workout and Spa entry,
pretty much breathtaking...

while lounging by the pool and taking in some much needed sun, i have been reading this book.
they teach these principles in Boston's school and i have enjoyed learning all these wonderful habits that he is learning.
Seriously so good, everyone should read this...

we would play cards at night with Dusty and Angie and lets just say, Cory lost a bet....
now maybe he will learn to play better at cards. haha

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

golf daddy...

This september has been Amazing! The weather is just beautiful and we are loving having summer for just a wee bit longer.

One of our favorite things about living on a golf course is the plenty of Free access you get to golf, golf, golf...

we bought some glow in the dark golf balls and played a couple of holes. Cory & Boston would golf and then call me when they were close so that Hayes and Olivia could run out and hit a couple of golf balls... another perk to having your backyard on the golf course, LOTS of balls in your backyard!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Racing the Cane

My good friend Daphne was heading up a race for the people in the Dominican Republic. "Racing the Cane" was on saturday and I ran the 6k with some friends while Boston and his buddies ran the kids 1 mile run. It was so much fun, beautiful weather and a wonderful Cause.

They needed shoes for the kids and adults in the Dominican Republic, so after you ran the race you took off your shoes and donated them.
run13 sponsored this race and had lots of amazing things after for the kids and us to enjoy.

Cory met me with the little ones after the race for the awards and entertainment.

The kids run
Ready, Set, GO...

Cynthia won first place in her age group

2nd place winner for the kids run

everyone donated their shoes they were running in or other shoes to just donate. It was such a great cause!

The winners
Cynthia- 1st place,
Luke- 1st place {kids} Boston -2nd place {kids}

after the awards and raffles there was lots of fun things for the kids to do...
face painting
magelby's breakfast
bounce houses/jumpers
oxygen bar

I will do this EVERY year, it was great to help out and it was organized just perfect!
Thanks Daph!
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