Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"2" iphones for sale...


It appears the men at "canyon sports" hated their iphone coverage...{sigh} so when the new 4G coverage comes out & the new iphones then we will switch back.

until then...

I'm learning to love my "palm pixi"

so i now have "2 iphones" 3G {white}, excellent condition. for sale. {$250} each.
email me if you are interested

Monday, April 26, 2010

"kristi approved"...

I have been following this diet & exersize plan for the last 6 weeks!!  It's awesome!!

Kristi is one of my friends from way back and i have always done her Spin and Pump classes at Golds.  Well she has come up with a KILLER eating and workout plan that is working for so many people.  A few of my friends and me decided to try the whole 12 week program.

I am totally loving it...

and  seeing results.

alot of my family is on it too and they look fantastic...

I've been asked to give a live testimonial for "live the life" program on tuesday night at 9pm!
if you want to hear me along with other testimonials be sure to call and enter the code.

step 1~call 712-432-0075

step 2~access code 391113#

It's 30 minutes long and you will hear me along with some other testimonials.

Step 4.  if your interested in the program be sure to click here...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

"end of season" party...

We had our annual "end of the season" {ski season} party for Canyon Sports up Millcreek canyon.
It was a great season even though the economy sucks and the snow came late! Proof that people still need Recreation!

It was so much fun, lots of employees to play games, eat some bbq and to
  just enjoy the outdoors.
they had all sorts of fun games for everyone to play.

kayak races, bike races, hole in one frisbee golf contest,
fastest tent set up, etc.

each game had a first place winner and the prizes were pretty sweet! these employees are pretty hard core.  My kids loved being involved in all of it.  Ha Ha


Boston & Brogan 


They made a course with the bike races and at the end you had to zig zag through some ski boots..  it was rigged up on a banana bike seat too.  The fastest time was 1 minute 17 seconds and Boston's time was 1 minute 30 seconds. 

winners recieved  $50 gift certificates

The Kayaking races between the stores was the best.
each store had their own kayak... even corporate had their own and it was very comical!  There was music in the background to go right with the theme of Top gun! haha  

*Corporate offices

and the winner was... "cottonwood"

after the games we all came in to eat, hand out awards and then Cory said a few words about the company and our ski season and then back to running around outside.

and of course S'mores to end off the night for my little ones.  I think Hayes seriously has an addiction to chocolate, he can pound some s'mores...

now just because winter is over doesn't mean you can't shop for summer stuff!  

we have rock climbing equip, lots of camping stuff, bikes, mountain & road, kayak's etc... 

keep playing Hard!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

happy "earth day"...

We celebrated "earth day" by going to see this...

we learned alot about the ocean and all of it's amazing creatures. We saw some ugly fish, that i never knew existed too.

all in all it was a great show especially since we were the only ones in the theater! ;)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"matilda jane" trunk show...

I am hosting a show tomorrow at my house!  I'd love for you to come, but if you live far away or your schedule doesn't allow you to come then you can shop here...

The link is  Click on "the goods" then you can shop by collection, or by tops, bottoms etc. Create a wish list by adding items to your "wish list" and email your wish list to ashleea@matildajaneclothing, make sure to include your contact info in the 'notes' section before sending the wishlist. You can also call her if that is easier.  801 592 4567

happy shopping...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my sweet little livi...

this girl really is the sweetest little thing,  she talks so sweet, is so soft spoken & has such a tender heart.  she is a little mother to everyone.  lately she has become super outgoing and very grown up.

she is "miss popular"here in our neighborhood with all of these friends to play with.  everyone just adores her and i just smile when i see her being so 'grown up'.   her conversations are just amazing, i can't believe she thinks of this stuff... she is reading so awesome and writes her name everywhere, and sometimes writes hayes' name for him. {he can write his own name, but he doesn't want to. Ha!}

she's my little angel that's for sure...

she was so excited when her {backordered} bedding came from here.  she asked me to blog her new bed!  seriously isn't she so adorable??!!

it's so fun to see two daughters both so different! one is a sweetheart little girl and then our little "sassy" ivy... oh boy she is what my parents are calling "payback" ha!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

lacey's little "chicks"

While we were in Vegas, Lacey got some baby chicks and wanted us to come and see them.

My kids were dying to see them so we went over one night to play with them. I was so surprised how Olivia kept grabbing the baby chicks like it was no big deal. She loved them!! you couldn't stop her from grabbing them.  Let's hope she doesn't enter any 4H stuff, because it freaks me out!

Hayes was a little freaked out but he would pet them.  Finally boston decided to just grab them if his sister wasn't scared, then he should be able to do it.

they are so darling, they each named them for lacey. haha

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hansen Easter party...

every year we have a "HUGE" easter party with all of the Hansen cousins.  They're always a blast and the kids get super spoiled...

we ate lots of food & played plenty of games, messy and fun.  Then they all went looking for their easter baskets.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed playing most of the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.

I was in charge of the older crowd, so we had some egg races.  The little kids played all sorts of cute games and then made cupcakes that look like bunnies.  Then of course they had 2 pinatas... one for the big kids and one for the little ones.

the little kids "pinata"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Break "Las Vegas"

Gorgeous weather, fabulous friends, and plenty of entertainment in "beautiful Las Vegas"

we spent our 'spring break' with the carsons, curry's & tautu's. Hapari rented a "SWEET" house in Las Vegas and it was incredible.  We tagged along with all of them and we are glad we did! it was so much fun & plenty to do for all the kids!  The pool was so awesome, you didn't even need to leave this house!

we enjoyed some delicious food, Prom dress shopping,  Forum shops, bellagio water show {john's favorite}, night swimming, low carb cheesecake {cheesecake factory}, Tasha's birthday {re do}, movies, hot tub, daily workouts, steam room/sauna,  running outside & laying out in the sun that felt oh so good! So good we all got sunburned and swimmers ear! ha

excuse that i took a gazillion pictures! HA

"the three amigos"

Happy birthday to tasha!

bonfire's at night with yummy s'mores...
oh and don't worry our little 10 year olds loved to bug the teenagers, especially the two BYU football players that were with us.  those kids got thrown in the pool plenty of nights! 
Pele made  his famous "polynesian" chicken & ribs, sticky rice & macaroni salad.  


oh don't worry, these three were plenty crazy... "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"

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