Sunday, April 25, 2010

"end of season" party...

We had our annual "end of the season" {ski season} party for Canyon Sports up Millcreek canyon.
It was a great season even though the economy sucks and the snow came late! Proof that people still need Recreation!

It was so much fun, lots of employees to play games, eat some bbq and to
  just enjoy the outdoors.
they had all sorts of fun games for everyone to play.

kayak races, bike races, hole in one frisbee golf contest,
fastest tent set up, etc.

each game had a first place winner and the prizes were pretty sweet! these employees are pretty hard core.  My kids loved being involved in all of it.  Ha Ha


Boston & Brogan 


They made a course with the bike races and at the end you had to zig zag through some ski boots..  it was rigged up on a banana bike seat too.  The fastest time was 1 minute 17 seconds and Boston's time was 1 minute 30 seconds. 

winners recieved  $50 gift certificates

The Kayaking races between the stores was the best.
each store had their own kayak... even corporate had their own and it was very comical!  There was music in the background to go right with the theme of Top gun! haha  

*Corporate offices

and the winner was... "cottonwood"

after the games we all came in to eat, hand out awards and then Cory said a few words about the company and our ski season and then back to running around outside.

and of course S'mores to end off the night for my little ones.  I think Hayes seriously has an addiction to chocolate, he can pound some s'mores...

now just because winter is over doesn't mean you can't shop for summer stuff!  

we have rock climbing equip, lots of camping stuff, bikes, mountain & road, kayak's etc... 

keep playing Hard!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Yeah for summertime fun!

Molly said...

Oh my gosh Shannon where did you get that pink shirt!? I LOVE it!

John and Ann Tolman said...

I'm ready for some summer time fun too! You kids are too,too cute!

{jane} said...

THAT is a serious outdoors-comopany party! great pictures!!!

Kierstin said...

How fun!! That looks like a great party! Your kids are so cute...we need to get together sometime!

Jenn Granum said...

What a fun company to work for! Cory is an awesome boss. Looks like an awesome event. You are super skinny! You look gorgeous!

Shannon said...

Sooo Fun!
Where in the world did you get that cute pink shirt with ruffles, I want one?!

Shannon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angie said...

I have been way behind in the bloggin world! I haven't been on forever! This party was so much fun, my family had a great time. I"m sad I had to miss it! I would have loved to see Dusty fall in the water! You look great btw and your kids are adorable as always!

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