Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun.....

We had yet another fun adventurous day today!
We started off at the Skate Park with all the boys in the Neighborhood and Boston's Cousins Jaxon and Cade.

We tried to get there a little Early since it was 100 degrees today, these kids were seriously Sweatin' in up, but LOVED it!
Then we went to Riverside to Swim and Cool off! We had the Pool to ourselves for a while, then it got a little busy as we were leaving!
Olivia and Hayes were swimming in there tubes and they were so Funny to watch! Boston and all the Boys had fun doing tricks off the Diving Boards and Ordering LOTS of Food and Treats, and just enjoying each others company.

after dinner tonight cory and I and the kids went on a Bike/Scooter ride through our Neighborhood (Still so Hot) and the kids ran through the Sprinklers to cool off, then back inside for Bathtubs and Jammies.

Boston Gave the FHE lesson tonight on Faith!
We have these DVD's that are AMAZING (Fhe on Dvd) they teach the kids the lesson and then stops to have you read your scriptures and then asks you all kinds of questions, and you pick a song from the DVD to sing and so forth, He loved being the Conductor!

It was a Great Family Night!

oh , and Happy Birthday to my Niece Savannah!!!! We love you tons!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

County Swim Meet!

This is the Meet that Boston has worked so hard for! He made it to the ""GOLD" County Meet!
The Best of the County were here and we were a litttle Worried that he wouldn't place.
He RIPPED today on beating his Best time by 3 seconds on the Freestyle at 19:75 Seconds and Taking 4th Place!
Backstroke he Shaved off 4 seconds at 25:07 which was sooo close to 3rd and came in 4th! They won 1st place in there Medley Relay where Boston swam the Butterfly Beautifully!

they had to compete in the 9-10 division for the Freestyle Relay and Swam great, but placed 4th!(Remember these are The BEST swimmers around)
He also did Breast Stroke but got DQ'd for starting out doing Freestyle! (lets just say he got a little confused) They are strict, he just did freestyle for a second then did Breast Stroke.
I guess it was a great learning Experience for him! (To Concentrate!!!)

We are so Proud of these boys, they are seriously such GREAT little Swimmers and they have all sorts of Ribbons and now they can add 3 more Plaques to their room!
Way to go Boys!!!

Cory and I are off to my Cousin Elliot's wedding in Salt Lake, it will be fun to go and Visit with my Family who all came out from California!

Have a Great Sunday!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Skate Park!!!

After Boston's Swim Practice, I decided we were going to have some FUN Today!! So we grabbed a bunch of Neighborhood Friends and Headed to the Skate Park!
The Kids loved it! It was a little Hot, but they didn't seem to mind.
Boston Braved his Long Board at the Park and Actually did very well.
They were all Amazed at all the Teenagers Skills on Rollerblades, Skateboards and Bikes!
One kid did a Front Flip and Landed it on Rollerblades!

Hayes and Olivia were having fun on there Scuttle Bugs too! After the Skate Park, we headed over to Riverside to Cool off in the Pool. It was such a perfect day, with barely anyone at the SkatePark & pool!

We Love Utah in July! 2 Holidays!
We had a very Fun Pioneer day at Nana and Papa's playing with the Cousins on the Slip n Slide and Water Balloons! Then we came over to our House and played a wiffle ball game and ordered take out from "The Bombay House" and ended it with Some Fireworks!

"Hapari"... OPEN HOUSE!

My Sister jill had her Open house for "Hapari" Swimwear yesterday!
It was so fun, i went to help out for a little bit and it is so adorable inside!
I love the little Store, it looks like a Surf Shop and The inside is Painted so SWEET!
GO Check it out.... 69 E. Main St. In American Fork, West of Albertsons (behind Allens Tuxedos)
Oh and She has New Suits too!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Championship game!

So we didn't win the Last game, but we got 2nd place! These kids played so good and in the 100 degree weather! The Salt Lake Rebels ended up winning!
Great Job Sugarkings!

Friday, July 20, 2007

"Tournament of Champions"

Yes, we are Champions!!! We (the Sugarkings)won 2 of our Games today and one yesterday! We are now in the final Championship tomorrow! The games today were seriously Incredible! We beat a team who was Undefeated, and we won 17-10! Boston hit once and Bunt once and Scored Both times!!


This week was a pretty crazy week for Boston and Sports! He had a little break when he went with his Dad last weekend to Work in Jackson Hole, Wyo, and Of course had a Blast! He got to Go down the Alpine slide, Go to a Corn Maze, Wakeboarding and Camping! So he was definitley entertained! (Thanks Tasha)

He has been in Golf Camp this week and has loved it!(not waking up early though)
On Wednesday he had Day Camp for Scouts, Thursday was the Beginning of our Baseball Tournament(double header) and afterwards the kids in our Neighborhood had a Swim Party and Watched "Jaws" on a HUGE Blowup Screen outside while they were in the pool! The mortons keep there Pool at like 90 degrees so it was like a Bathtub and Perfect for me!
Today he woke up and had his last day of Golf camp, Swim team practice, Baseball tournament and a Indoor soccer game at 6:30!
Call us NUTS....But he LOVES it!
It will all be over after this weekend though! Whew....

Lets hope we win tomorrows games and our Team will be #1 in UTAH!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Boston went to his very first time at Scout Camp! They left at 6:45 this morning and have been there all day. They did all sorts of Sweet stuff, like Archery, Sling Shots, tied knots, and he even won the BB gun contest!
He came home with all sorts of Cool,Disgusting stuff . He bought all these Racoon skins and Tails, with claws on them, and a ton of "Jeremiah Johnson" Bracelets if you couldn't tell by his picture!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Potty Training!!!!

We are going to attempt "Potty Training"! They love to wear underwear and run all around the house in them!
Hayes was afraid of the potty at first, and Olivia doesn't want to get off, it's hilarious!
Should i have a potty for each, or just have them wait and take turns? I still don't know what is really best for Twins, so any advice would be Great!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Todd and Jane (Cory's Brother) and their Family are Moving to Arizona, so last night they Rented the Lehi "Legacy Pool" and invited all there friends and the kids friends to come and Play! It was so fun, however it is a going away party and so we are sad too!
We love this family to pieces and Play with them all the time! Just when Jane started getting into Biking too! (ah Man)
They have such Amazing kids that have so much personality! I love how great of Examples they are to Boston. They will Really Be missed! Boston Wrote ally a letter last night and i started to cry when i read it. Because It is so real now!

It will be fun to visit them in the winter months though!
We Love you guys and thanks for the FUN Farewell Party.

I will always think of you Jane when I am eating the "Jezibel" at Happy Sumo, or when we eat at Tepanyaki! haha

Boston, Ally and Witney!
Judd, Brigham and Boston, aiming the Sprayer at Innocent By standers!

Oh we just found out that Boston made it to the County "Gold" finals, which is where all the Best Swimmers in the county compete!
Yahoo!! We are so proud of him!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cousins Camp!!

Cory's Mom and Dad are having the Grandkids ages 3 and Up have a Campout in there Backyard! Woo Hoo, The kids are so excited, they had Hot Dogs, Made "Cousins Camp" T Shirts, and S'mores! In the Morning Papa is going to make Papa Pancakes! It is the Ultimate Sleepover for these kids, and it's In a tent!

These kids are making some serious Memories!
Thanks Nana & Papa!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Monday Night Football!!!

We topped off our fun day with all the cousins and Grandma and Grandpa playing Football outside!
Boston actually caught a bunch of Throws from his dad and Scored 2 touchdowns. We even got Jackie and Savannah involved and they did quite well! Derek and Grandpa were all Serious when it came to there Game Plans.

It was such a Gorgeous Summer night, so we all just sat outside while the kids played on the Bouncer and Wore out my Dad! He is such a cute Grandpa, Hayes kept grabbing him and taking him to the Trampoline so they could do Butt Drops! haha
We were cracking up at Hayes tonight, he was at his Finest with his Craziness! He is one busy little kid, and quite coordinated!

He was pulling all kinds of Stunts on Olivia's 4 Wheeler! He even tried to Ride with Olivia on the Back. He is Hilarious! ;)

Kangaroo Zoo!

My Sister Rachel and "Youth Conference" (haha)( Just kidding Rach) are here at my house for the Baptism. She dropped off ALL of the Girls today for a week at EFY!
So we took all the Little cousins to Kangaroo Zoo this afternoon, it is so dang cute there, and Hayes and Olivia had a Blast too! There was pretty much just my family there so the kids tore it up!
Then we came home Made Tacos and Everyone has been playing "Wii" "X BOX", or Outside on the Tramp and Bouncer, So pretty much Wearing out Grandma and Grandpa! They all leave tomorrow and we are so bummed! I love it when all these kids entertain my Babies! It's AWESOME!!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

A Beautiful Day....

It was such a Beautiful Baptism and a Beautiful Confirmation by Cory. Today is Boston's Real Birthday, and to be baptized on it is so cool (7-7-07).
A day he will always Remember! He is such a Great kid, and a Joy to be around. I keep thinking how amazing it is that at his age he seems to be so much more Knowlegable about the Gospel and his Testimony so much Stronger than most of us! These kids are being built with the Armour of God to withstand this world, and i am so thankful for that!
Congratulations Buddy on becoming the Newest Member of the Church!
We love you!!

When we got home today we asked Boston if he wanted to go swimming with everyone for his Birthday, and he said "NO, i don't want the baptism water to wash off of me" Hee hee Isn't he adorable!
Olivia also told her dad, after he just Baptized Boston, "Dad, My turn now"
She thought she was next!
I LOVE my Family!!!

Baptism Brunch!

After the Baptism we went to Riverside to have the Baptism Brunch with Everyone! It was so nice and Boston LOVES Riversides Brunch! I had a 5x7 Picture of him at each table with a list of his Favorite Church things on the back.
He Opened his Very first set of Scriptures with his Name engraved on them. He was pretty excited about that!

Boston and I
Some of the Cousins and friends at the Brunch.
Boston and Chase
Nana and Boston
This would be how Olivia was all day with her Dad! Actually Hayes too!
They just want their Dad!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boston's 8th Birthday Party!

Boston had a SUPER DUPER fun Birthday Party today! They started out with a Hummer Limosine that took them to play Laser tag! Laser Tag was a Blast, Cory, Grandpa and I had never played before so we were all new to this. Boston placed 2nd!
We then got back into the Limo and Headed out to Cold Stone to sing Happy Birthday and Eat Some Cake and Ice Cream!
Then Back to our Backyard for some Games about Boston and the winner was "Chase " (of course it was Chase, his Best Buddy)
Then he opened up Presents and He has been playing with them Every Since!
Thanks Everyone for all the Presents, I need to figure out who gave what!!! haha

His Birthday is Really on Saturday, July 7th, and he will Be Baptized on his Birthday! He is so excited and we have lots of Family coming to visit for this Special Occasion!

Boston's Fabulous Favorites!!

Sports~ Baseball, Long Boarding, Soccer, Wakeboarding & Jet Skiing

Food~ Crab Legs and Artichokes

TV Show~ Man Vs. Wild,Suite life of Zack & Cody

Restaraunt~ Fuddruckers, Happy Sumo

Vacation~ Hawaii

Book~ Cap't Underpants & Crossword Puzzles

He LOVES playing Catch, Wrestling with his Dad, and Playing Street Home Court on X BOX!(These are in his own Words ;)

But Mostly, He LOVES to get in his Underwear & Crawl into our Bed and Watch Man vs. wild or Disney Channel with some Chocolate Milk!
Now that is THE LIFE!!

He is such a Great kid and Has so many Great Friends and Cousins that he absolutley LOVES to hang out with!
I am So Proud to have him in our Family and am so lucky to be his Mother. He is such a Great little Athlete and Is good at everything he does!
Most of all he is such an amazing Big Brother and a Great Example to all of us in our Family!
We love you Baby!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th Of JULY!!

Happy Birthday America!!!!
We have had a Fun filled packed day with our Neighborhood! We started off our day Mtn. Biking with Todd and Jane while Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids. Then Cory made his Famous"Amazing" Breakfast with Hash Browns, Ham & Eggs, it was tasty!
Then we headed over to the Morton's for Swimming and then to the Granums for a Catered Dinner from Tucano's. Jenn Decorated the Tables so cute and Festive and all the kids had Jewelry, hats, Noise makers, etc...
We had so many fun games for the kids to play and prizes to win! Jenn knows how to Party!!!
When it got dark outside they had a Big Blow up screen and the kids watched a movie and did Fireworks! Thanks Jenn, That was soooo Much fun!
We didn't need to be at the Stadium of fire tonight, we heard it from our own Backyard! Boston and I watched the Fireworks laying on the Hammock! It was so sweet!

I love to hear the Song "GOD BLESS THE USA" You could hear them playing the song while the Grand Finale was going off! I always get a little teary eyed when i hear it. We are so lucky to have such a Beautiful Country to live in and So many People fighting to defend it for us!
I am Proud to be an American!!!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hansen 4th of July Party!

Plenty of fun at Grandpa Hansen's Farm! We went to the 4th of July BBQ Party last night and they had a Big Blow up Waterslide, Sparklers, Bubbles, Kiddie Pools, and lots of fun games to play!
We always have so much fun when we go to Grandma and Grandpa Hansens House, There is TONS of Cousins and so much food!

My House is clean and Costco Shopping is done for the weekend (thank goodness, that place is a Zoo right now)! Cory and I are going Biking in the Morning and then to the Morton's for Swimming and BBQ and then to Granum's for our Neighborhood Party! Woo Hoo
My Dad and Madge are coming this afternoon for the Baptism and staying for a whole week!
Which means Boston will be plenty entertained!! ;)
Have a Wonderful Independance day!
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