Thursday, July 12, 2007


Todd and Jane (Cory's Brother) and their Family are Moving to Arizona, so last night they Rented the Lehi "Legacy Pool" and invited all there friends and the kids friends to come and Play! It was so fun, however it is a going away party and so we are sad too!
We love this family to pieces and Play with them all the time! Just when Jane started getting into Biking too! (ah Man)
They have such Amazing kids that have so much personality! I love how great of Examples they are to Boston. They will Really Be missed! Boston Wrote ally a letter last night and i started to cry when i read it. Because It is so real now!

It will be fun to visit them in the winter months though!
We Love you guys and thanks for the FUN Farewell Party.

I will always think of you Jane when I am eating the "Jezibel" at Happy Sumo, or when we eat at Tepanyaki! haha

Boston, Ally and Witney!
Judd, Brigham and Boston, aiming the Sprayer at Innocent By standers!

Oh we just found out that Boston made it to the County "Gold" finals, which is where all the Best Swimmers in the county compete!
Yahoo!! We are so proud of him!


Ally said...

i got teary eyed reading it! You guys are so cute! Tell Boston i loved the letter with all my heart and i'll keep it forever! Love you too!

JT said...

Thanks Shannon, we are going to miss you a ton too. My kids are going to miss all the fun things you do with them and for them. I'll practice the biking so I can actually keep up with you when we visit. Ü

Heather said...

You guys are going to make me cry sitting here. I'm not in a good emotional state since I just got back from a night at girls' camp. I'm not thinking about the reality. I haven't let it sink in yet.

Granum Family said...

What a fun night! But sad that they are moving... we know what that feels like moving away from family and it's not fun ;(

JT said...

Good luck to Boston too!

Witney said...

Look shannon im commenting! Haha! That was a blast! you guys are awsome!

Todd Taylor said...

We'll host a swim party in Arizona for those who can make it down for a visit.

We'll also enjoy having everyone's undivided attention when you are down for visits.


Jenn Granum said...

That was a fun party of Jane's! Good luck in Arizona and we hope to see you when you visit!

Kari said...

Okay, finally catch up and you are gone!!!!

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