Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun, Fun, Fun.....

We had yet another fun adventurous day today!
We started off at the Skate Park with all the boys in the Neighborhood and Boston's Cousins Jaxon and Cade.

We tried to get there a little Early since it was 100 degrees today, these kids were seriously Sweatin' in up, but LOVED it!
Then we went to Riverside to Swim and Cool off! We had the Pool to ourselves for a while, then it got a little busy as we were leaving!
Olivia and Hayes were swimming in there tubes and they were so Funny to watch! Boston and all the Boys had fun doing tricks off the Diving Boards and Ordering LOTS of Food and Treats, and just enjoying each others company.

after dinner tonight cory and I and the kids went on a Bike/Scooter ride through our Neighborhood (Still so Hot) and the kids ran through the Sprinklers to cool off, then back inside for Bathtubs and Jammies.

Boston Gave the FHE lesson tonight on Faith!
We have these DVD's that are AMAZING (Fhe on Dvd) they teach the kids the lesson and then stops to have you read your scriptures and then asks you all kinds of questions, and you pick a song from the DVD to sing and so forth, He loved being the Conductor!

It was a Great Family Night!

oh , and Happy Birthday to my Niece Savannah!!!! We love you tons!


Jenn Granum said...

Sounds like a cool FHE dvd. I'll have to get one!

L Johnson said...

What a great FHE day!

Granum Family said...

What a fun day! You guys live at the skate park!

jt said...

Brigham said, "why wasn't I invited?" Ha.

what's the dvd called? anything to get the kids used to leading a discussion and liking it is a good thing.

Katirocks said...

Shannon, you have got to be the funnest mom in the hood!! Cute kids too!
I love it when FHE goes well & the kids get something out of it. It tends to be hit and miss with little ones. Good Job!!

KB said...

Another fun day fo you guys!! I just bought 5 of those DVD's-we are excited to use them...I am so glad you like them!

Heather said...

Good FHE idea. We're ready for something new.

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