Saturday, July 28, 2007

County Swim Meet!

This is the Meet that Boston has worked so hard for! He made it to the ""GOLD" County Meet!
The Best of the County were here and we were a litttle Worried that he wouldn't place.
He RIPPED today on beating his Best time by 3 seconds on the Freestyle at 19:75 Seconds and Taking 4th Place!
Backstroke he Shaved off 4 seconds at 25:07 which was sooo close to 3rd and came in 4th! They won 1st place in there Medley Relay where Boston swam the Butterfly Beautifully!

they had to compete in the 9-10 division for the Freestyle Relay and Swam great, but placed 4th!(Remember these are The BEST swimmers around)
He also did Breast Stroke but got DQ'd for starting out doing Freestyle! (lets just say he got a little confused) They are strict, he just did freestyle for a second then did Breast Stroke.
I guess it was a great learning Experience for him! (To Concentrate!!!)

We are so Proud of these boys, they are seriously such GREAT little Swimmers and they have all sorts of Ribbons and now they can add 3 more Plaques to their room!
Way to go Boys!!!

Cory and I are off to my Cousin Elliot's wedding in Salt Lake, it will be fun to go and Visit with my Family who all came out from California!

Have a Great Sunday!!!


Witney said...

Wow! Way to go boys! That !is awsome! Shannon, thank you so much for taking me to the mall. Your babies were so easy to babysit, they were so cute. See you later!

brookie said...

way to go Bost!!! you're such a great swimmer! i miss you all so much! luv ya.

Ally said...

Boston the swimmer! Just like his favorite cousin Ally of course! Good Job bos tos! Im proud of ya! Shannon you're such an awesome mom for taking him to all this stuff! I love you guys!

JT said...

way to go boston! wish we could have been there to cheer him on. have a nice time with your family.

Jenn Granum said...

So proud of our boys! They ripped!

Granum Family said...

Way to go Boston! You guys are awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is awesome Boston:)
I wish we could have been at Elliotts wedding, we are so happy for him!

Heather said...

Boston, you're amazing. I can't even doggie paddle, let alone freestyle! I'm proud of you, buddy!

KB said...

Way to go Boston! You are a stud!

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