Saturday, July 07, 2007

Baptism Brunch!

After the Baptism we went to Riverside to have the Baptism Brunch with Everyone! It was so nice and Boston LOVES Riversides Brunch! I had a 5x7 Picture of him at each table with a list of his Favorite Church things on the back.
He Opened his Very first set of Scriptures with his Name engraved on them. He was pretty excited about that!

Boston and I
Some of the Cousins and friends at the Brunch.
Boston and Chase
Nana and Boston
This would be how Olivia was all day with her Dad! Actually Hayes too!
They just want their Dad!


Jenn Granum said...

Thanks for the brunch! All his pictures were so cute! He is such a studly kid! And your babies are like that with Cory ALWAYS! They just adore him and I think it is so cute. (Of course they adore you too!)

JT said...

Thanks for the brunch, it was tasty! The kids loved it too.

Katirocks said...

Congrats Boston, what a great decision you made!
- Kate

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