Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boston's 8th Birthday Party!

Boston had a SUPER DUPER fun Birthday Party today! They started out with a Hummer Limosine that took them to play Laser tag! Laser Tag was a Blast, Cory, Grandpa and I had never played before so we were all new to this. Boston placed 2nd!
We then got back into the Limo and Headed out to Cold Stone to sing Happy Birthday and Eat Some Cake and Ice Cream!
Then Back to our Backyard for some Games about Boston and the winner was "Chase " (of course it was Chase, his Best Buddy)
Then he opened up Presents and He has been playing with them Every Since!
Thanks Everyone for all the Presents, I need to figure out who gave what!!! haha

His Birthday is Really on Saturday, July 7th, and he will Be Baptized on his Birthday! He is so excited and we have lots of Family coming to visit for this Special Occasion!

Boston's Fabulous Favorites!!

Sports~ Baseball, Long Boarding, Soccer, Wakeboarding & Jet Skiing

Food~ Crab Legs and Artichokes

TV Show~ Man Vs. Wild,Suite life of Zack & Cody

Restaraunt~ Fuddruckers, Happy Sumo

Vacation~ Hawaii

Book~ Cap't Underpants & Crossword Puzzles

He LOVES playing Catch, Wrestling with his Dad, and Playing Street Home Court on X BOX!(These are in his own Words ;)

But Mostly, He LOVES to get in his Underwear & Crawl into our Bed and Watch Man vs. wild or Disney Channel with some Chocolate Milk!
Now that is THE LIFE!!

He is such a Great kid and Has so many Great Friends and Cousins that he absolutley LOVES to hang out with!
I am So Proud to have him in our Family and am so lucky to be his Mother. He is such a Great little Athlete and Is good at everything he does!
Most of all he is such an amazing Big Brother and a Great Example to all of us in our Family!
We love you Baby!!


becky said...

happy birthday boston! looks like the party was a blast!

JT said...

Very fun party Cory and Shannon, thanks for that. The kids loved it. He is a great person. Looking forward to his baptism!

Darren Johnson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSTON!!! about a nice birthday! Nice job Shannon!

Jenn Granum said...

Such nice things about Boston - he is a sweetheart! Looks like a great party! My kids had a blast! I knew artichokes but crab legs? That must be something new!

Heather said...

Happy birthday, Boston! Thanks for the entertaining party! The boys keep asking the neighbor kids if they know what a limo is. It's funny to hear them tell about it!

Kari said...

So cute Shannon. I can't believe Boston is almost Eight!!!! I am back on the blog so check it out. I can't wait to see you at the Baptism!!!!!

KB said...

Happy Birthday Boston! It looks and sounds like you had an awesome party! I can't believe you are 8, where does time go?! What a special birthday...and how neat that you get to be baptized on your birthday!

Granum Family said...

Happy Birthday Boston! You are awesome! We love you!

BenjaminLane said...

Killer Birthday party! Im jelous... maybe I'll go to the moon for my 22nd bday party... that would be pretty epic.

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