Sunday, August 28, 2011

back to school!!

these little cuties were so excited to go to school!   how could i be sad for them 
when they are so super excited!  

Boston started 6th grade, which is middle school at our school!  he loved getting a locker
and having 6 periods of classes.   he loves his locker!  Our middle school 
has their own "houses" {like harry potter}
and his is "pegasus"  and his homeroom teacher is the best!

Hayes and Olivia started 1st grade. {all day}  and they love it!  they come home and
have so much to tell me every day.  i overheard hayes tell our neighbor "your going
to LOVE first grade, mrs. powell is the best teacher ever!"  so that was good!

it would be a lie if i said i didn't cry when i dropped these two off to their class.
i wanted so bad to spy on them all day at lunch and recess.
 so instead i volunteered to help out at the "snack shack"  you know, just to make
 sure their eating lunch!! ~wink

so now it's just me and miss 'bossy pants' {ivy} hee hee
 unpacking boxes, going to lunch,
swimming, running, biking, oh and of course car shopping!
you would think i could get a lot of stuff done with one child at home.  nope!
the twins are easier than one child because they have someone to entertain them. haha

i do however love my time with my baby, and we are enjoying every day!
her favorite time of the day is when we are picking the kids up from school.

after school is now very scheduled! ugh...
football practice, gymnastics, dance, homework, reading time, dinner, etc, etc.  
we are now back to school and a schedule!  boo.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

goodbye summer break... {boo}

 I honestly LOVE my kids home with me! it's crazy how fast summer goes by, which means 
my kids are growing up too fast!

i let them all pick a place that they wanted to go for their last week of summer and we did it! 
they loved this and also picked the dinner for their day too!  

boston picked "lowe's Xtreme air sports" 
hayes picked "spy kids 4d" 
olivia picked "highland splash pad"
ivy picked "chuck e cheese"

'lowe's Xtreme air sports' is incredible.  we loved it! we went with our friends the skousens 
and a couple of our cousins came along too.
 all the kids were in heaven even little ivy. it's a perfect spot for birthday parties!
trampolines everywhere and foam pits too.  it's like the perfect gym for my boston who 
loves to do areals and parkour! they have a little kid area for 5 and under.  
which meant the twins had free reign 
on all the trampolines, which they loved... finally!






  "Splash Pad"

"chuck e cheese"

 "back to school" night for the kids.  
boston got a locker and was so excited to see all of  
his different classes.  olivia and hayes got to meet their teacher 
and we LOVE her already.

 on saturday night cory and i put on an outdoor movie theater for all the neighborhood kids! 
we watched 'Harry Potter' and ate popcorn.   it was the perfect 
way to end summer with a bang! 

Friday, August 19, 2011

california vacation...

we just got home from our last summer vacation!  this vacation was spent with all
 of my siblings and all of the cousins except 3 {tj, taylor {mission}, nick {mission}.  Everyone together
 to celebrate my niece lauren's wedding in San Diego.  we decided to make it 
a Johnson family reunion to top off the wedding week! haha
we had so much fun!!

  we started off in Huntington beach on tuesday playing at the beach and then the pool
 waterslides. the kids loved swimming and playing in the ocean.  
the waves were huge and we just missed the "US OPEN" surfing competition. 
 i also made my family take some family pictures that night on the beach.
 they love it when i do this to them! ~wink wink

 this is now my new favorite so cal hot spot! 
 it's clean and actually the cutest little surf town. 
 i love huntington beach!

the kids love digging for sand crabs... even little miss ivy!

charlee & ivy

boston and hayes had a blast chasing after eachother on the slide. 
 i'm surprised the lifeguard didn't kick them out! 

  a little photo shoot...

cutest little girlies!!

my handsome boys!

then off to our favorite pizza of all time, Roundtable pizza!!  cory teases me because
 my family worships this pizza place so him and boston and all the nieces and 
nephew always tell us it's not even good! haha   it's actually fabulous, or maybe
 it's just when i was little we ate it all the time! 


wednesday we met more of the family and were off to 
bright & early!!

aunt rachel was the favorite, feeding all the kids cotton candy while in line! 

the new ariel ride is darling!! we were so excited to see this new ride and 
the new star tours ride! {which is very awesome} 

we rode the carousel a lot while everyone went on 'screamin'.  

  look!! it's our dad! haha    
cory is not a huge fan of disneyland but i was so proud of him that day! 
he was such a trooper and pulled over a 12 hr day! booyah!   
 i sent him off with the boys to ESPN zone for dinner and games.  he was loving that!


thursday we slept in and then headed to San Diego. When we checked into our hotel in la jolla we saw that the Seattle Seahawks were there for the chargers/seahawks game.
Boston thought that was pretty awesome.  the kids went swimming
while Grandpa Johnson, Darren and I took all the the teenage/ adult cousins {boston included}
 to do baptisms at the San Diego temple.
This was such an awesome experience for the kids to have their own session in the baptistry
 {which was so beautiful} and to have Grandpa there to baptize all of us.  
my dad said to us, this is one of the greatest experiences of his life! :) he is so cute!

grandpa with his grand daughters.  gorgeous girls!!

 me with my dad and brother darren



friday we played at Pacific Beach so the kids could walk on the pier and shop.
 it wasn't our favorite beach, but the kids still had fun!  we stayed here once with all
my sisters on our very first sisters trip and it is definitely sweet spot to be
sleeping over the ocean!

later that night my sisters and i {aka "the aunts"} threw lauren a bridal shower by the poolside. 
 it turned out so nice and she had a gazillion guest show up to support her!  

and then preparing for the big day on saturday... "the wedding"
 {scroll down to next post}
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