Tuesday, August 02, 2011

pioneer day, Hansen campout!

for pioneer day weekend we took the kids camping with the hansen cousins!  
we had a huge spot all to ourselves. camping with children is always a TON of work,
 but they love it so much so i figured i better make this my one camping trip for the summer. ha
tasha and i even made tinfoil dinners that were
 delicious and the kids fully enjoyed roasting 
starburst and marshmellows.  have you ever roasted starburst??  
um, it's AMAZE~ing!  

thanks to aunt Charee, & aunt Cheer we all had a fabulous 'magelby's style' breakfast.  
then up the mountain to enjoy some gorgeous hiking.   these trails are our favorite biking trails. 

Boston took off with his older cousins. 
i was just imagining that he was going to be on the news as one of the 
lost scouts that you usually hear about.   good thing he has an amazing scout leader, he was just fine 
and was at the campground waiting for us. wheeew!

we played some pioneer games with all the kids.  the game i was in charge of was the 'ice cold chest'   the kids had to stand in a cooler of ice and water {just like the pioneers who traveled through the sweet water rivers} and i timed them to see how long they could last.  the record was 3 min. 35 seconds.  
 everyone else could only handle 1 min.   it's very cold.
hayes and olivia lasted 30 seconds... 

  and my super competitive child boston, he could only handle 35 seconds. hahaha
he wouldn't have been the greatest pioneer. 

'sack races'
this was very competitive with the adults. haha

 ok and the kids too.

my kids with grandpa and grandma hansen.
 my kids are so spoiled with the best grandparents!  seriously these are their "great" grandparents. 
such good troopers to come and hang out in the blazing hot sun!

i love pioneer day here in utah!  another fabulous holiday in july.


Jenn Granum said...

You guys seriously have the best families! I love all the fun parties/vacations/campouts that Corys family does. So fun to be surrounded by so many cousins!

Haley said...

where in the world is that campgroud? Looks perfect for a big group! :)

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