Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"especially for kids" camp

Pretty much the cutest "kids camp" ever!  my neighbor and her daughters put on the most
creative "EFK" camp.  hayes and livi couldn't wait for EFK to start!  
this year  at EFK they made their own shirts and tie dyed them too.

they loved having their cousins join them this year.   on the last day they had 
an alice in wonderland 'tea party' and i wish i would have had my camera.  it was gorgeous.  
the table was set up so cute with treats and donuts.  and of course "Alice"   
it was amazing.  

each day had such a fun theme.  each day when they came home they
 had all sorts of new things they made and did.  they were in heaven!

Mad Scientists
Mad Hatter's Party
Neverland and Peter Pan
Tom Sawyer's Adventures

when they were out in the front yard i tried to quickly take a pic. 
 they were learning how to milk cows. 
they loved it!


Jenn Granum said...

OK - so this camp looks AWESOME! I bet they had a blast. Crew wants to go!

Anonymous said...

That;s so cool how all the neighborhood parents do it.
I have heard of that before except each Mom/House has the kids over for one day and has a theme.

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