Saturday, August 27, 2011

goodbye summer break... {boo}

 I honestly LOVE my kids home with me! it's crazy how fast summer goes by, which means 
my kids are growing up too fast!

i let them all pick a place that they wanted to go for their last week of summer and we did it! 
they loved this and also picked the dinner for their day too!  

boston picked "lowe's Xtreme air sports" 
hayes picked "spy kids 4d" 
olivia picked "highland splash pad"
ivy picked "chuck e cheese"

'lowe's Xtreme air sports' is incredible.  we loved it! we went with our friends the skousens 
and a couple of our cousins came along too.
 all the kids were in heaven even little ivy. it's a perfect spot for birthday parties!
trampolines everywhere and foam pits too.  it's like the perfect gym for my boston who 
loves to do areals and parkour! they have a little kid area for 5 and under.  
which meant the twins had free reign 
on all the trampolines, which they loved... finally!






  "Splash Pad"

"chuck e cheese"

 "back to school" night for the kids.  
boston got a locker and was so excited to see all of  
his different classes.  olivia and hayes got to meet their teacher 
and we LOVE her already.

 on saturday night cory and i put on an outdoor movie theater for all the neighborhood kids! 
we watched 'Harry Potter' and ate popcorn.   it was the perfect 
way to end summer with a bang! 

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{jane} said...

so many fun things! kj went to sam strate's birthday party at 'lowe's exteme sports' before we left & i didn't even know the place existed before then! it's perfect for little boys!

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