Sunday, August 28, 2011

back to school!!

these little cuties were so excited to go to school!   how could i be sad for them 
when they are so super excited!  

Boston started 6th grade, which is middle school at our school!  he loved getting a locker
and having 6 periods of classes.   he loves his locker!  Our middle school 
has their own "houses" {like harry potter}
and his is "pegasus"  and his homeroom teacher is the best!

Hayes and Olivia started 1st grade. {all day}  and they love it!  they come home and
have so much to tell me every day.  i overheard hayes tell our neighbor "your going
to LOVE first grade, mrs. powell is the best teacher ever!"  so that was good!

it would be a lie if i said i didn't cry when i dropped these two off to their class.
i wanted so bad to spy on them all day at lunch and recess.
 so instead i volunteered to help out at the "snack shack"  you know, just to make
 sure their eating lunch!! ~wink

so now it's just me and miss 'bossy pants' {ivy} hee hee
 unpacking boxes, going to lunch,
swimming, running, biking, oh and of course car shopping!
you would think i could get a lot of stuff done with one child at home.  nope!
the twins are easier than one child because they have someone to entertain them. haha

i do however love my time with my baby, and we are enjoying every day!
her favorite time of the day is when we are picking the kids up from school.

after school is now very scheduled! ugh...
football practice, gymnastics, dance, homework, reading time, dinner, etc, etc.  
we are now back to school and a schedule!  boo.


dulces said...

Look how big they are getting! I can't stand it. Guess I would keep them little. . .

Idaho Penningtons said...

Love the ROXY lunch box! hahaha What a designer child! Just wait until they leave you for college and marriage then you'll cry!

kt said...

Darling!! Makes me want to go back and go to a uniform school with houses, etc.!

Anonymous said...

That second picture is too cute!

Jenn Granum said...

Yeah for back to school! Now if you can only convince the school that miss ivy was a preemie too and should be in kindergarden ... ;)

{jane} said...

so cute! is this the front door of your new home??? i want to see pictures!!!

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