Tuesday, May 28, 2013

memorial day!

We had a fun filled memorial day!  The kids were so excited to go to Parker's 
grave.  The cemetery was SO beautiful.  I can't ever describe the beauty of the cemetery on 
Memorial day, but it is unbelievable.  Flowers are everywhere, and so many people visiting
their loved ones.  It's just beautiful.  

My kids run right up to his grave and were so excited to give him flowers and a pinwheel.
they are so angelic about their brother, they think of him all the time and 
always ask if they can say a prayer.  They are so lucky to have him as 
their guardian angel.  what a blesssing to know that we are an 
Eternal family.  

they wanted a picture of the "Triplets"... this pulls at my heartstrings!

then the boys went golfing at Alpine Country Club and we went swimming with our cousins. 
they had a huge BBQ going so we all ate a yummy lunch with some ice cream cones!
Ivy swam the whole time we were there in the deep end{without her floatie.}   
she is swimming so good.  
She decided she was brave enough for the diving board now.

Then later that afternoon we headed over to the Taylor's for some more BBQ-ing and playing with 
the Taylor cousins.  Papa had his dune buggy out and Brigham and Boston were driving
 everyone all over the place.  {they secretly love this job}

as if we needed one more thing to do, the kids suggested "Hang Time" to end the night!  
luckily no body was their and they got plenty of Dodgeball time in.  I love watching Brigham and 
Boston do tricks  they are ridiculously coordinated!!

then we had to hit up Krispy Kreme.  I think the day was successful!

press play on this video of Boston and Briggs...

pre school graduation...

Pretty sure i witnessed the cutest pre school graduation EVER!!  Ivy graduated from 
"sweet pea's" at Kid's Village and now goes again next year to "tater tot's" 
they sang some songs that they learned all year, watched a darling slideshow 
of pictures from the year  and then got their diploma's.  
At the end they all threw their hats in the air!

 She loved showing me the different classrooms of Art work, her Kitchen recipes and the 
Science stuff.  She is so proud of all she learned this year and can't wait to go 
back next year to learn how to read.

cutest teacher, Mrs. Farrah!

Ivy with her bestie Mckelle!

Spring Recital...

Ivy was looking so forward to dancing on stage with her big sissy!  I was 
worried she would be shy and not do it.  She LOVED having her make up done
and red lips! {i know, this could be trouble!}  
The girls looked darling and so excited to have their family out in the audience to watch them dance.

The Recital was at the Covey Theater, it's pretty big so i was so surprised at how 
darling Ivy was.  She did fabulous!  She danced to "hot hot hot"  and olivia 
was amazing of course and did 4 dances that night.  2 of her company pieces and 2 
combos of Jazz and ballet.. Pretty impressive.  She had to learn lots of dances this year
and she did great!  

Love watching my girls dance, but love even more that they have cousins & friends
to share this experience with...

Olivia and her bff Tessa.  seriously the cutest friends.

 Olivia & Ivy with Mrs. Alexis.   She's been olivia's dance teacher since she was 3!  
She is leaving for a couple of years to school with her hubby and then she will be back.  
we will miss her so much, she really is such an amazing teacher.

Olivia with her cousin Ava.

Mothers day...

My kids and cute hubby spoiled me rotten all day!  I love hearing and reading all the cute
little notes and saying they say... "You're the best mom ever" ha!   It's so sweet and they 
made my day extra special.  We had the Taylor family over for dinner and ate 
Pulled pork sandwiches.  Cory did the dishes and got kids in bed and right 
before bed my kids all said something that they love most about me.  
It was so precious.  I felt so loved.  

So grateful for the opportunity to be their mother.  
My heart swells with joy that they chose me..

I laughed so hard when i saw what ivy had made me from pre school!  The twins
made me cute cups of grass with hand made tulips.  so cute!

Monday, May 27, 2013

girls trip to Maui....

We had the greatest time in Maui with these beauties! 
Such a great trip to celebrate jane as her Post cancer trip.  Each one of these ladies hold
a special place in my heart, they all inspire me in so many ways.  
 I consider these ladies my best friends and loved spending the week in Maui doing
many adventurous things.

We stayed in jenn's condo and she was the BEST tour guide ever.  Seriously!!  
I love that i know the many places here to and couldn't wait to eat at Fred's and 
maui taco's more than once, ha!
We hiked to waterfalls, jumped off waterfalls, paddle boarded, snorkeled, cliff jumped, 
swam with turtles and had many spa days!  It was a blast!! 
love these ladies.

loved my morning runs...

 Jenn thought i wouldn't be able to do a headstand out in the ocean on my paddle board.  

We joke that we might send this as our Christmas card this year! ha!

The headstand became the new plank!  ha!  

 Kapalua was possibly my favorite day!  We went cliff jumping and hung out at the Ritz all day! 
we had an awesome under water camera that summer brought and we literally 
laughed so hard in the ocean for hours!! 
loved it!

we came home to a surprise from dusty!  He sent jane flowers along with all 
of us "Boston Strong" hats!

Laughter really is the best medicine!!


Boston just finished an awesome Lacrosse season!  This is his 2nd year playing and he loves it like 
his football.  We are still trying to understand the game, but it is fun watching him in action.
One game he scored 2 of the goals!

Spring break {Utah style}

We stayed home this year for Spring Break because we just returned from our 
awesome trip to Arizona the previous week.  It was just starting to warm up here in Utah
so it ended up being so fun.

We went to movies, ate out, played with friends, went to the Zoo 
{along with everyone else in Utah}, Color Me Mine,  etc... 
We also dog sat for the Carson's
while they were in california.  My kids LOVE max and loved taking care of him.
it was lots of work, but we have now decided that we would love a small
dog when we get one. haha!

We loved "Color me mine"  and it was so fun to see how creative my kids can be. I 
had no idea of their hidden talents.  {ok i helped out with ivy's},  Boston got super
into it and made the coolest AF bowl for breakfast, olivia made a cute plate and
hayes painted a fish. {he didn't really love to paint}  but everyone else LOVED it.

We love the alpine park with tennis courts and splash pad.  It was the first warm day
 so we were excited to get out and play.  We went with friends and played tennis 
and had a picnic.  

then of course we had to hit up our favorite "Sammy's burgers" in the new Cedar hills golf club.

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