Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spring Recital...

Ivy was looking so forward to dancing on stage with her big sissy!  I was 
worried she would be shy and not do it.  She LOVED having her make up done
and red lips! {i know, this could be trouble!}  
The girls looked darling and so excited to have their family out in the audience to watch them dance.

The Recital was at the Covey Theater, it's pretty big so i was so surprised at how 
darling Ivy was.  She did fabulous!  She danced to "hot hot hot"  and olivia 
was amazing of course and did 4 dances that night.  2 of her company pieces and 2 
combos of Jazz and ballet.. Pretty impressive.  She had to learn lots of dances this year
and she did great!  

Love watching my girls dance, but love even more that they have cousins & friends
to share this experience with...

Olivia and her bff Tessa.  seriously the cutest friends.

 Olivia & Ivy with Mrs. Alexis.   She's been olivia's dance teacher since she was 3!  
She is leaving for a couple of years to school with her hubby and then she will be back.  
we will miss her so much, she really is such an amazing teacher.

Olivia with her cousin Ava.

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