Monday, May 27, 2013

Spring break {Utah style}

We stayed home this year for Spring Break because we just returned from our 
awesome trip to Arizona the previous week.  It was just starting to warm up here in Utah
so it ended up being so fun.

We went to movies, ate out, played with friends, went to the Zoo 
{along with everyone else in Utah}, Color Me Mine,  etc... 
We also dog sat for the Carson's
while they were in california.  My kids LOVE max and loved taking care of him.
it was lots of work, but we have now decided that we would love a small
dog when we get one. haha!

We loved "Color me mine"  and it was so fun to see how creative my kids can be. I 
had no idea of their hidden talents.  {ok i helped out with ivy's},  Boston got super
into it and made the coolest AF bowl for breakfast, olivia made a cute plate and
hayes painted a fish. {he didn't really love to paint}  but everyone else LOVED it.

We love the alpine park with tennis courts and splash pad.  It was the first warm day
 so we were excited to get out and play.  We went with friends and played tennis 
and had a picnic.  

then of course we had to hit up our favorite "Sammy's burgers" in the new Cedar hills golf club.

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