Tuesday, May 28, 2013

memorial day!

We had a fun filled memorial day!  The kids were so excited to go to Parker's 
grave.  The cemetery was SO beautiful.  I can't ever describe the beauty of the cemetery on 
Memorial day, but it is unbelievable.  Flowers are everywhere, and so many people visiting
their loved ones.  It's just beautiful.  

My kids run right up to his grave and were so excited to give him flowers and a pinwheel.
they are so angelic about their brother, they think of him all the time and 
always ask if they can say a prayer.  They are so lucky to have him as 
their guardian angel.  what a blesssing to know that we are an 
Eternal family.  

they wanted a picture of the "Triplets"... this pulls at my heartstrings!

then the boys went golfing at Alpine Country Club and we went swimming with our cousins. 
they had a huge BBQ going so we all ate a yummy lunch with some ice cream cones!
Ivy swam the whole time we were there in the deep end{without her floatie.}   
she is swimming so good.  
She decided she was brave enough for the diving board now.

Then later that afternoon we headed over to the Taylor's for some more BBQ-ing and playing with 
the Taylor cousins.  Papa had his dune buggy out and Brigham and Boston were driving
 everyone all over the place.  {they secretly love this job}

as if we needed one more thing to do, the kids suggested "Hang Time" to end the night!  
luckily no body was their and they got plenty of Dodgeball time in.  I love watching Brigham and 
Boston do tricks  they are ridiculously coordinated!!

then we had to hit up Krispy Kreme.  I think the day was successful!

press play on this video of Boston and Briggs...

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