Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reunited and it feels so good!!

Our Besties from Hawaii, The Granum's moved to California!!
 It had been almost 2 years since we have seen them. too long!!
The first thing on the list when moving to california was visiting Utah! yahoo!

We pretty much did everything you could possibly do in the winter in Utah.  It was a 
warm week, so the sledding & skiing were still so amazing.  We spent every day with 
these guys!  My kids still had school, so I let Boston miss one day and then the twins
had early out on friday then we headed to Park City for the weekend. 

It was such a fabulous week.  We piled it all in.  first things first... Cafe Rio!  We pretty much ate 
there daily! ha!   
We hit up Lowe's xtreme air sports, Provo beach resort, our favorite Restaurants,
 Flowrider {hayes' first time} Karaoke night,  girls lunch @ tortilla bar,{YUM} sledding, 
tubing, snowmobiling etc... we partied.  Hoping maybe they would move back to Utah. {wink wink}
Love these guys, and love watching the boys grow up.  It's crazy how fast 
time goes by.  Our kids always pick up where they left off, never a dull moment.

I loved how these boys got to have their own time with Ivy.  
They all adore her and she loved all the attention.

Park City...

Gorgoza park

This was possibly the cutest thing i've ever seen.  They had little kid snowmobiles and t
hese guys LOVED this so much!!

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