Friday, February 26, 2010

100 years of scouting!

It was our "Blue & Gold" Banquet at our new ward last night.

 They decorated it so awesome (my pictures do no justice) for the 100th "birthday" celebration of scouting.

Cory & I both were shocked at how fun and creative it was. They made sure that just the parents and the scouts came to the dinner so it wasn't craziness. I loved that!

We played so many fun games, they had a guy jump out of the BSA birthday cake and each table had to do skits. That part was hilarious!

 Then when they gave out awards they turned the lights down and the drum was beating in the background.

Cory left a little more pumped for the scouting program. We LOVED it.  I have always loved helping Boston get badges passed off and earning all these arrow points. {my sister will make fun of me} haha

we have just a few more months of Cub scouts and then boston will be a "Boy Scout"
were so happy to be in such a fun and overachieving scouting neighborhood! 


The Webelo den
{boston is far left}

we all played the game where we had balloons tied to our ankles & tried to pop everyones balloons.  It was crazy and so funny to see these adults get into it.  

Boston and his friend were the winners of this game!!  They were the last 2 to NOT have their balloon popped.  Those soccer skills come in handy...

Jr. Jazz

We are winding down to the end of basketball season for Boston!  He LOVES basketball and plays so well.  It was fun for him to play with his friends, and he has fully progressed.  He takes great shots and his lay ups are flawless.  This kid is so fun to watch, who knew he could be so aggressive ~wink 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"B" Strong 5K & fun run...

I'm almost positive all of you know about my friend Sara's beautiful little boy Bronson.   He is an absolute miracle!  You can read his  incredible story here.

come join in on the fun and register TODAY.... I can't wait to see that cute little bugger and i'm pretty sure my kids think he's their best friend. 

Click here to register.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh she's so cute...

& into Everything! she is our little destroyer.

 She loves to get into my makeup and dig out the lipstick& chapsticks and of course it happens in just seconds. She's sneaky and fast! haha
I just love her to pieces. Luckily we laugh it off, because she's so stinkin cute!

This picture is classic. we needed to document this so one day we can possibly use it for blackmail! ;)

"woody's round-up"

I just found this off my iphone. It's a classic picture of hayes because he is always playing "Woody" this kid loves "toy story!" You can even catch him playing it all by himself. Usually he is into Buzz, but now it's woody. He is so animated.

He told me to take his picure while he was with woody. haha
He cracks us up!!  
I love how Ivy was smiling for the picture too. ;)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines weekend...

Our valentines was filled with lots of family!  we loved having everyone come into town for the long weekend.  Jackie & Justin {my niece & her hubby} came and stayed with us.  

at my house the kids woke up to strawberry milk, krispy kreme {heart} donuts and chocolate heart treats...

I love this picture below. these teenagers were lounging in my bed and laughing their heads off at their goofy mom {my sister}hehehe
  it was so funny i just had to capture the moment.

{shae, savannah & boston}

after church we  ate a yummy "heart" pizza with some red pomegranate 7up!

{olivia, gracie & charlee}

Then Papa JoJo made a delicious Sunday dinner at Jills and we decorated Valentine cookies with Grandma.

Ice skating at the "peaks arena"

 My darling nephew Taylor came up from BYU Idaho to visit for the "valentines" break.  My sister Rachel & her kids and Jackie & Justin who are at Utah State came.  My mom & Joe came from California for Valentines weekend too, it was FULL of family fun and never a dull moment!!  

My Dad came up for the weekend too {last minute} because my grandma {his mother} passed away.  So then my 2 older brothers & sil and all of our family were together for the rest of the week. We've been busy.

It was so much fun entertaining, skiing, visiting, shopping and eating everywhere with family. 

kangaroo zoo

We went with our friends, the birchall's and our cousin camry to "Kangaroo zoo" for the afternoon and had so much fun running around and sliding on everything.  Even us Momma's were having fun slipping & sliding. 

We pretty much ruled the whole place, since everyone was in school!  It was so much fun...

Monday, February 15, 2010

17 months...

My baby girl is growing up and getting into "everything."  She is so much fun to watch as she follows around her siblings.  She thinks she's 5!!  
her big blue eyes & little dimple are always getting complimented by everyone.  She is still the best little sleeper. {thank goodness}


she's kinda turning "naughty" {wink}

she loves to hit and pull hair, especially to her sister and brothers... i can't tell if she just wants to see their reaction or if she's just naughty. haha
then right after she says "hi" like everythings ok.  It cracks us up.

She rules the house, that is for sure and has her Daddy and Boston wrapped around her little finger.  Now i know why the youngest child is so spoiled rotten. 

She's climbs everything, eats everything and loves her baby dolls/stuffed animals! One of her favorite things to do is dance on the table!  She knows how to turn on our Iphones and I touches so watch out!!

She's loud and fun and totally like her mama... we wouldn't trade her for the world. 

We love you Pumpkin. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

{p.s i can't get that porn stuff off my right side toolbar from google! It's driving me nuts, does anyone know how to take it off}

"ears peered"

 my little Livi and her cousin Camry went to the mall together to get their "ears peered" 
{that's how they called it} ;)

This all started when they saw grandma's mickey mouse earrings and they wanted to get some like that.  After a few minutes of talking about it, they were ready to go.  Even when Boston would pinch their ears really hard to show them what it would feel like.  She has never wanted to do this before, she usually says "mom, when i'm six i want to do it"

so while the boys went skiing.

the girls went to the mall and did this...

She wanted camry to go first and when camry didn't cry {tried not to} then Olivia was still wanting to go. {she cried for a bit}
She was so excited to tell her daddy and Boston.  I think Boston was the most excited.  When he got home he was texting everybody. Silly brother.

she takes good care of them and reminds me daily that she needs to clean them.  
She is so adorable!!

Happy {hearts} day...

We had a wonderful Valentines day.  We're still enjoying the Holiday weekend with family in town.  I will post all of the fun Weekend festivities soon.  

Also, my beautiful grandmother passed away yesterday on Valentines {my last living grandparent} I find it absolutely fitting for her to pass away to be with her wonderful husband on their "Anniversary"  how adorable is that?  I'm sure her welcome was very enjoyable.  She was my grandma who did 90,000 names in the temple and is an absolute "Saint" in my eyes. 
  Love you Grandma...

I'll be back soon...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

drumroll please...

The winner of the Hapari swimsuit give a way is...


Congratulations Melanie.  I sent you all the information in the email..
Thanks everyone for all of your entries. 

Check back soon for "captains quarters" give a ways!

Friday, February 12, 2010

skiing with my boys...

Look at how beautiful "Sundance" is...

It was an absolute perfect day for skiing.

Olivia woke up feeling sick on monday & I was planning on going with Boston so he could have his ski day with his friends from his old school. Well Hayes decided he wanted to go skiing too..*..

It was alot harder than i thought, but after a few runs and some rice krispy treats and cookies he was doing great!
It was so fun for Hayes to see his buddy McKay skiing there too, that totally encouraged him!

i remember now why we put children in private lessons!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the power of prayer...

Is unbelievable...

these last 10 days, my thoughts and prayers {and my little families} as well as many others, have been with my darling friend sara's family. They had a terrible tragedy happen to their little 16 mo. old boy, bronson.
 {same age as my little Ivy}

 They have been an inspiration to so many of us.  I am so amazed at their strength and faith and all of the blogging communities support! It's amazing how many wonderful people with so many different faiths  have all pulled together for this darling little boy, bronson... 

He is a celebrity in the blogging world, the most prayed for little boy right now.

Sara writes so beautifully about this experience, and you can't help but cry with her.
 with them.

I am reminded of our situation at PCMC just 5 years ago...  12 weeks of what seemed like a nightmare!   So many unbelievable people all over  and everywhere were praying for my babies.  They didn't even know us!  We endured a tragedy, and by doing so with much faith ~ we witnessed a miracle!
Prayer and Fasting are soooo Incredible and i have to just share their story with you...

click here

I am still so amazed!    

this little guy is a miracle, i just want to squeeze him up and throw my arms around his little family.  I am still in awe at the outpouring of love and support that so many people have shown to them.  

He is one amazing little missionary already. Changing so many peoples lives for the better!

they still need help and prayers, it's not over yet.  
My friend Jane put a list of a few ways you can help...

1. matt's sister mindy has said,
"We have set up an account at Wells Fargo.
PLEASE instead of buying food to make them dinner..
Donate $5, $10.. whatever you may have on their behalf.
As we all know the ICU isn't cheap. Just the life flight for B cost $15,000. :(...
The account is set up under "The Bronson Staker Donation account".
If we could even make a little dent in what will be an EXTREME amount,
I know they would be tremendously grateful.
In speaking with Matt, I know all he asks for are prayers.
This is MY plea. My desire to in some small way help them."

2. help a momma out, by buying her book!
sara, being the humble gal that she is, has not shared some of the most exciting news she has had this year - she is officially published now!

sara designed "latter-day occasions: my baptism keepsake," cover to cover, and the book is beautiful! a portion of the books expense goes right into sara's checkbook, what better way to support the staker family than to purchase one of her books?!?
Inside you’ll find a wonderful book perfect to give to that newest member of the LDS Church. The cover allows for the child’s picture to be placed inside of it as well as pages in which to write. Each page has meaningful letters signifying important parts of a child’s life surrounded by the Gospel. “M is for Memories” includes several pages to write about this important event and “T is for Testimony” includes a page to write their personal testimony. This would be a beautiful gift for 8-year-old who is about to be baptized.

3. are you doing a remodel? building a new home?
matt is one of the fine owner's of carpets america,
located in downtown provo.
call them for your floor covering needs!!!
please, share your love for the staker family, for bronson,
this could have been any of us, any one of our babies.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Our anniversary weekend...

Was spent in beautiful snowy Park City!

We took a quick 3 day get away to the Canyons resort and stayed in the Grande Summit Lodge.  It is so beautiful up there, the restaurants at the resort are incredible {especially at the top}. It was so awesome to be able to stay where you could ski in and out.  The SPA was great and much needed after skiing and the Pool was heated to 92 degrees... We were pampered like crazy! One of the many perks of being an owner of Canyon Sports~wink!

When we walked into our suite, we were dying at how big it was.  You know you haven't been away together in a while when you both think... "Our kids would love it here!"

 The skiing is so aweome ~ the mountain is GI-normous!

right out those windows was the gondola where we skied in and out...
beautiful views!

This was the afternoon when my husband decided we should hike "back country" and hit some fresh snow!!  Everyone seemed to have the same idea so i went with it...

this is right before our 20 minute hike

Notice the sign "Enter at your own risk!" i still can't believe i got talked into this! ;)
Scary but definitely fun!

Did you notice the hikers right behind us...

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