Wednesday, February 10, 2010

the power of prayer...

Is unbelievable...

these last 10 days, my thoughts and prayers {and my little families} as well as many others, have been with my darling friend sara's family. They had a terrible tragedy happen to their little 16 mo. old boy, bronson.
 {same age as my little Ivy}

 They have been an inspiration to so many of us.  I am so amazed at their strength and faith and all of the blogging communities support! It's amazing how many wonderful people with so many different faiths  have all pulled together for this darling little boy, bronson... 

He is a celebrity in the blogging world, the most prayed for little boy right now.

Sara writes so beautifully about this experience, and you can't help but cry with her.
 with them.

I am reminded of our situation at PCMC just 5 years ago...  12 weeks of what seemed like a nightmare!   So many unbelievable people all over  and everywhere were praying for my babies.  They didn't even know us!  We endured a tragedy, and by doing so with much faith ~ we witnessed a miracle!
Prayer and Fasting are soooo Incredible and i have to just share their story with you...

click here

I am still so amazed!    

this little guy is a miracle, i just want to squeeze him up and throw my arms around his little family.  I am still in awe at the outpouring of love and support that so many people have shown to them.  

He is one amazing little missionary already. Changing so many peoples lives for the better!

they still need help and prayers, it's not over yet.  
My friend Jane put a list of a few ways you can help...

1. matt's sister mindy has said,
"We have set up an account at Wells Fargo.
PLEASE instead of buying food to make them dinner..
Donate $5, $10.. whatever you may have on their behalf.
As we all know the ICU isn't cheap. Just the life flight for B cost $15,000. :(...
The account is set up under "The Bronson Staker Donation account".
If we could even make a little dent in what will be an EXTREME amount,
I know they would be tremendously grateful.
In speaking with Matt, I know all he asks for are prayers.
This is MY plea. My desire to in some small way help them."

2. help a momma out, by buying her book!
sara, being the humble gal that she is, has not shared some of the most exciting news she has had this year - she is officially published now!

sara designed "latter-day occasions: my baptism keepsake," cover to cover, and the book is beautiful! a portion of the books expense goes right into sara's checkbook, what better way to support the staker family than to purchase one of her books?!?
Inside you’ll find a wonderful book perfect to give to that newest member of the LDS Church. The cover allows for the child’s picture to be placed inside of it as well as pages in which to write. Each page has meaningful letters signifying important parts of a child’s life surrounded by the Gospel. “M is for Memories” includes several pages to write about this important event and “T is for Testimony” includes a page to write their personal testimony. This would be a beautiful gift for 8-year-old who is about to be baptized.

3. are you doing a remodel? building a new home?
matt is one of the fine owner's of carpets america,
located in downtown provo.
call them for your floor covering needs!!!
please, share your love for the staker family, for bronson,
this could have been any of us, any one of our babies.


Kierstin said...

They are truly amazing and I am so with you...I can't help but cry when I read one of her posts, she is an amazing person, she writes so beautifully, they are an amazing family, and Bronson is such a strong and amazing little boy. I am SO happy that he is doing so well...what a precious little miracle he is. I ordered a couple of her baptism books yesterday and I am so looking forward to getting them...we are excited to help them in other ways as well. Hoping and praying that today is another wonderful day for their sweet family!

{jane} said...

awww, shannon, your sweet soul. so good of you to share bronson's story & hopefully everyone's hearts will be filled with goodwill to help the stakers.

bronson's progress is just beautiful, a true miracle!

Birchall Family said...

I think I cried for 10 min yesterday when I was reading her blog! Bronson is such an amazing little guy!! Love your post, I am buying her book:)
maybe we can use them for the new house. We do have LOTS of floors.

Tolman Family said...

What an amazing story. My heart goes out to them! I always stand amazed at the power of the priesthood and prayer! Send our love and best wishes to their family!

jt said...

Great outcome to a scary situation, I'm happy for their family!

Jenn Granum said...

I am so going to buy her book for Caden! He will be baptized in a couple months! I love that miracles still happen everyday in our crazy world. So happy that their ordeal is over and they get to have little Bronson back home with his family!

Sara said...

Thanks, Shan... I am blessed to have such amazing friends.

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