Friday, February 26, 2010

100 years of scouting!

It was our "Blue & Gold" Banquet at our new ward last night.

 They decorated it so awesome (my pictures do no justice) for the 100th "birthday" celebration of scouting.

Cory & I both were shocked at how fun and creative it was. They made sure that just the parents and the scouts came to the dinner so it wasn't craziness. I loved that!

We played so many fun games, they had a guy jump out of the BSA birthday cake and each table had to do skits. That part was hilarious!

 Then when they gave out awards they turned the lights down and the drum was beating in the background.

Cory left a little more pumped for the scouting program. We LOVED it.  I have always loved helping Boston get badges passed off and earning all these arrow points. {my sister will make fun of me} haha

we have just a few more months of Cub scouts and then boston will be a "Boy Scout"
were so happy to be in such a fun and overachieving scouting neighborhood! 


The Webelo den
{boston is far left}

we all played the game where we had balloons tied to our ankles & tried to pop everyones balloons.  It was crazy and so funny to see these adults get into it.  

Boston and his friend were the winners of this game!!  They were the last 2 to NOT have their balloon popped.  Those soccer skills come in handy...


Lucrecia said...

That sounds amazing! My boys have never had a scouting experience near this cool. You guys are lucky :)

Diana and Derek said...

Glad to have another scouter in the family! We have been working on Mitchell's Eagle Scout project this week.

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