Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Utah Rangers!

Boston made the "Rangers" X league competition team!

We are so proud of him.  It was 3 days of tryouts and call backs and he worked so hard to get on this team.  He is only 9 but the cut off is Aug 1st so he will be one of the youngest on this U 11 team.  Way to go Boston!!!

Memorial day parties..

We started out the day  heading to the Gym with my cute little teenage nieces Witney & Shae.  They wanted to work out at the Gym.  It was so fun being a trainer for the day. haha

Then we went with my sister Jill and her kids to see this, and LOVED it...

After our movie we went to our neighborhood bbq at the Morton's.  We had such yummy food and played and played. We literally didn't come out of the pool it was so warm!

I love this picture,  b/c look at Boston in the background, he's jumping off the diving board. 
perfect timing! haha

Some football

My princess loved the water, she was just a splashing and kicking the whole time.

Boston showing his "boom boom, fire power"

Then off to Papa's birthday bbq!  This was the hi light of the day for Boston.  Papa let him drive his Go Kart all by himself.  He's big enough now, so he was driving everyone all over the track that papa made.  He was LOVING this...

Happy Birthday Papa!!  We love you tons and are so lucky to have you in our lives...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Day of School Party...

Summer Break started friday at 12:00! 

We decided to have a Party with Pizza, Cupcakes, drinks, Skate park, waterslides, Bounce house and Soccer games.   It was mostly our last day of School, but my adorable neighbors decided their kids could miss too so they all joined in on the fun.

 Let Summer begin...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

School spring bbq...

Hayes & Olivia had their last day of preschool!  It was clown day.  Their teacher and staff were all dressed as clowns. 
 My twins learned how to spell their name and write it this year.  We love their teacher and they met some little buddies that will hopefully be in their class next year!

Boston's school ended the year with a BANG!  The spring bbq was so fun, lots of food and bounce houses for everyone!  It was such a hot day!  We love this school!

Olivia & Hayes pulling each other down the slide.  I love watching these two, they don't need anyone else to play with It's awesome!!

I could never stop Boston to take a picture, so finally I found him with all of these little girlies...
Aren't these girls the cutest? They are all his good friends.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

South Fork Canyon

We love going up the canyon and roasting marshmallows.  We went last sunday with the Blanchards.  Our kids loved exploring the trails and just being outdoors.  We made yummy s'mores and then hiked back down to play some baseball.  

Did I mention how much I love Summer? 

Sunday, May 17, 2009

8 months old...

Our little Ivy grace is scootin and army crawling her way to everything.  She is so happy all the time and just loves her Momma to pieces.  I love it!
I love when someone is talking to her, she looks right up at me and grabs me so tight.  She is totally a Mommy's girl.  Her smile is so beautiful and she smiles all the time.  She has 8 teeth at 8months old. WOWZA... you would think she could eat real meals now but she gags.  haha 
She bites and pulls hair and has no idea why you are crying, haha
She has discovered her tongue and sticks it out and makes everyone laugh.  

One of our favorite things about her is when she sees her siblings she just lights up and gets so giggly and happy.  She just LOVES these guys!!

She is definitely the joy of our life and we all adore her...

I've been waiting for this day all year...

Mtn. Biking...

The weather was perfect, the timing just right and of course the highlight of the morning was taking Boston to enjoy it with us.  We went biking up to South Fork and it was beautiful, It's one of my favorite trails because it is so close and so pretty.  
I love how you ride through all  the Quakie Aspen trees & Bridges. 
He did awesome and ripped on the downhill.  He has already asked when he can get clip pedals! haha  

Check out the new "Canyon Sports" Biking Jersey!

After our bike ride, Cory decided that we should go to the Squaw peak Shooting range so I can test out my new gun.  It was on our way home down the canyon so we stopped for a bit to shoot some targets.

We came home and played outside for the rest of the afternoon! I don't think the kids came inside until 9 pm  we have such a fun neighborhood!
  It is Beautiful here in Utah and I love our Utah Summers!  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Le'o is married...

Did I already explain how spoiled we are to have the BEST Piano teacher of EVER! Seriously we Love Le'o, She is Boston's piano teacher from Tonga! Absolutely amazing and her whole family is so Musically talented, we witnessed it tonight.

Our neighbors hosted Le'o's reception in their Backyard. Beautiful! The dinner was delicious Teriyaki chicken and the cakes were fabulous. {ok i didn't eat the cake, but they looked delicious}
The entertainment was it's finest...
Her culture was in full swing with Island dancing and the Fire dance! Very cool Entertainment. 
Her Cousin is Fui Vacapuna so we got to chat with him and a bunch of other BYU football players. It was a beautiful reception on a beautiful night for our beautiful Le'o.

Did I mention how much we Love her? 
{wink wink}

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