Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's tradition...

...to hike the "Y" the night before school starts every year. It's our third year now and the boys LOVE this. We go with the Morton boys and Caryn {this year Caryn just had a baby} so my friend Cynthia came with her 4 boys and we brought one of the neighbor boys & the morton boys. "9" boys!

We normally do this before school starts but this year we moved the week before and we forgot...well Boston reminded me and I couldn't let the tradition die.

The boys had a Great time, especially since we went at 6am...it was dark, cloudy, rainy and beautiful to look out at the city lights while we were hiking. I love that these boys get to do this every year together.

even this little guy {5 years old} was ahead of us the whole time. He didn't even complain ONCE...
mc kay/cynth

these guys even hiked up to the top of the "Y", while the 3 younger ones were running down.

they're swimming...

while i was having my "yard sale" saturday, Cory took the twins with him up to the bike race "1000 warriors" tour of Utah where Canyon Sports was there to cheer on the bikers and hand out sandwiches and water.

I think it was the Hottest day of the year.

I loved my yard sale! between my friend jane's & mine we sold Everything! even though it was super exhausting, i think i might do one every year. It feels great to be so organized and de junked.

after my fabulous "yard sale" {sigh} Cory came home and we just relaxed by the pool all night long. My kids are hilarious {the twins} they seriously can swim now...
after a whole winter of "survival swimming" with pam young and a whole summer of swimming they finally can do it all by themselves!

They jump off the rock and swim all the way to the end of the pool. Boston came home from a movie with a friend and he was so happy for them, and couldn't believe they were doing it, especially off of the ROCK... and of course, they love it...

miss ivy just loves the water. she gets so mad that i'm holding her, she wants to swim like her brother & sister... little stinker!

hayes jumping off the rock


Friday, August 21, 2009

First day of school...

Hayes & Olivia started pre school today...

Olivia was so excited she told me what she wanted to wear... "mom, i want to wear my green shirt and my heart pants" so this is what she chose, haha.

They loved their teacher and had so much fun. Hayes' little buddy Jack is in their class and they were "besties" last year, and Jack's birthday was today so they came home with a goodie bag of treats and goodies. It was a perfect "first day."

Boston started on wednesday. He is LOVING the 4th grade. His teacher is making all the kids sign up for a Leadership position, and he has to make a resume to be in charge of his position.

This year at Ivy Hall they are teaching "The leader in me" Program. All the students will learn the 7 habits and abide by these teachings everyday.

This year a couple of our neighbors are going and they are all these BOYS! It is so fun for Boston. After school he told me that they dominated the soccer field at recess, haha {of course they did all these boys play on the competition team together, LOL}

we had an after school party for the Big kids on wednesday at Riverside! We were the only kids at the Pool, it was Awesome!
{sorry no pictures}

Then the next day we continued the hanging out partying at our house with swimming and tricks on the Trampoline!

I refuse to let summer end...

meet the teacher...

we went to "back to school night" and met Boston's 4th grade teacher. She is so young and seems so fun...

They have NO class rules... Just "Respect"

Hayes & Olivia went to "meet there teacher" and she had a problem with her car in canada and was not there. They got to find where they will put their bags and get a treat. They were kind of a little crazy that day.
When we met the "pretend teacher" Hayes said to her "I wanted a boy teacher!" hahaha

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

These guys make me smile...

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This morning hayes was eating breakfast and out of the blue he said.. "Mom Yivi (livi) can play with Jesus and I can play with Parker"

Olivia has been saying some of the cutest things about Parker too, it's like their thinking so much about him lately, i have to write them down.
"mom are we still on earth"
"I want to see Parkers whole Body" "does he have a bed"

Hayes said " I want to play with parker" "can parker have a sleepover?" ;-)

another cute saying ~ Olivia said "mom i always wanted a sister baby" {talking about Ivy}

~Hayes after meeting his teacher for pre school, whom is a girl... "i wanted a boy teacher"
....Oh these kids are so dang cute!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

11 months old...

loves to give kisses
loves her mommy/daddy
loves her siblings
loves to be busy busy busy
loves to climb stairs
loves slides
loves to walk all around furniture
loves water/swimming
loves to laugh
loves spaghetti
loves fruit
loves peek a boo

we all just love her to pieces...

One Last "hurrah"...

...before school starts.

I LOVE summer and am always sad at how fast it goes by. We start school this week and we have had such a fun summer.
My twins have become little swimmers, they love diving for sticks and actually go pretty deep.
Ivy just loves the water and never wants to get out, she is such an outdoor kid.

Boston is excited for the 4th grade, but acts like he doesn't love school.. hmmm we'll see...

we love the stonegate pool.

livi/hayes diving for the torpedo... 100 pts

always lots of running and jumping

i could only get olivia to look at the camera, hayes and boston were way to active! haha

"singin in the rain"

We have MOVED!!

We did it and are just trying to get things put together in the new house. My kids are loving it... we seriously moved 3 houses down {again} We just can't seem to leave our fabulous neighborhood. We love it here!

Thanks to so many family and friends for all your help! We Love you...
I have learned that we have way to many toys, bikes, florals, games etc so we are having a HUGE yard sale on Saturday, if anyone is interested email me at shashtaylor@gmail.com and i can email you my address...

We had a swim banquet for Boston's swim team this same week we were moving in. Boston got some awards and we enjoyed a yummy bbq. While the kids were swimming, the lifeguards saw lightning and so we decided to just head home since it looked like a storm was coming.
Good thing we did too, this is what these guys did while it was a MAJOR down pour of rain...

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Boston has been in the "Sparta Cup" soccer tournament all week. They won 2 games and were in the Semi finals. This is the teams first time playing together for the season. He plays Mid field and does so much running. The Tournament was up in Salt lake & the fields were packed. Even though the weather was so HOT, we love watching him play!

Go Rangers!

Night games

Boston and all the neighborhood kids play night games all the time! We have so many little boys & one girl, Myla {wink wink}
It is such a blast for all of them to get together.

They usually play Cops & fugitives, well now they have upgraded it to Cops & Fugitives with Airsoft guns, they get all padded up and they LOVE this...
Chase has been visiting this week and I think he will miss night games the most, that kid has LOVED it!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Now taking appointments...

I am back...

to doing hair again, that is.
I have slowed down a bit since the twins, but am ready to get back into doing what I love! I am mostly cutting/weaving/coloring hair in my home at night, but can occasionally do some mornings.

Perfect timing for back to school...

Call today to make your appt.
{801} 836-4354

Prices as follow:

Adult h/c

*Weave/Color $60 including h/c

kids haircuts $10

Volleyball night at the Rhodes...

we love summer nights, especially at the rhodes. we had lots of friends to enjoy the evening with and the kids were swimming, roasting marshmellows, playing in the bounce houses and were fully entertained by the waterslide. thanks dusty & jane, these are some of our funnest summer memories ...

Click here to rent out their beautiful backyard...


Caryn with her new baby girl kelsey

after our fabulous fun evening, Jane sent everyone home with her trademark Chocolate covered cinnamon bears...To die for!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

We've been playing with...

My bff Jenn is here from Hawaii with her family for one week, so we are cramming as much fun in as possible. They arrived at 7am on monday morning and came straight over to wake us up.

We've been playing ever since...

We have been busy with lots of our friends at the Pool, Cowabunga, eating Cafe Rio', sleepovers {every night}, Magelby's breakfast, Night games, late nights, etc... and the kids have been in heaven...

***Stonegate Pool***

Crew & Hayes

the 3 little munchkins
cuddle bug

***Cowabunga bay***

******** The Gateway*******

Running through the fountains on a super HOT day at The Gateway, what could be more fun...

We ate lunch at the Skybox and let the kids play arcades. it was $2 for unlimited games...gotta love Skybox!

Girls morning bike ride to Magelby's breakfast...a definate must!

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