Sunday, September 23, 2012

AF Football!

It's that time of year again!  FOOTBALL Season!  
I love watching my boy play his sport.  He loves this game with a passion and it is
so fun to see him in action.

their very first game they lost, you could imagine how bummed they were.   
But they have been unstoppable ever since.  Winning streak is on!

Boston plays running back and middle line backer {his favorites}   
we always laugh so hard, but theboy can hit HARD!  He plays 7th grade football this 
year so it is a bit tougher and they have some HUGE boys on these teams.  like HUGE!

a couple of his buddies from our neighborhood are all on the same team this year.  
they love it and have a blast together.  

last week at practice he got hit to the ground really hard, total accident. 
 But has been out with a concussion. boo!  
sadly he is the one usually hurting the other kids.  He had to sit out these last 2 games
and it is killing him.  he continues to go to practice, but is ready to play this next week.
just had to wait for his headaches to go away. 

Go Bos GO!!

in the second game, Boston scored the first touchdown! whoop whoop!

What would Football season be without the Cheerleaders??!!
seriously! Aren't these cheerleaders so adorable! 
love our little mascots {wink wink}

ivy, kate & olivia 

this is a picture after a game of the 4 boys who made the touchdowns!  3 of them in our neighborhood! yah baby!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

miss four...

my little ivy grace is officially four!  Her birthday party was so fun, and we celebrated 
pretty much all week! haha!
Her actual birthday was on sunday, and it was so perfect to spend the whole day catering to 
what she wanted to do with her family.

she woke up and we had our traditional birthday breakfast and opening of 
presents.  She got an American Girl dog for Kit.  {which she adores}, a new La La 
Loopsey, and when her cousins & Grandparents came over for cake she got lots more.

Ivy reminds us every day she is 4.  She is absolutely the light of our life and she knows it.
she keeps us on our toes with her spunky demanding but hilarious personality.
we wouldn't want her any other way.

Ivy's favorites...

*she loves Dora & SYTYCD!
*chocolate milk sippies
*playing with friends & cousins
*listening to music
*dressing herself
*doing jobs around the house
*her chickens

she is 4 going on 14!  she cracks us up!
we love you to pieces.

after church we spent the afternoon riding bikes and longboarding at the park behind our house.
boston and cory can rip on the long board and penny board so of course
she had to try it too.

instead of learning to ride a bike at 4 she is longboarding all by herself. Ha!

olivia being a monkey!

her dinner request was spaghetti with meatballs. 
our family favorite.

 later cousins and grandparents came over to sing to her and then eat the delicious rainbow cake. {recipe found on pinterest}  it was surprisingly so yummy and so cute!

and at her preschool we brought her class some of her favorite pink sprinkled doughnuts 
from our favorite spot!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Ivy celebrated her 4th birthday!!

I'm pretty sure i adored this party as much as my little 4 year old!  So much fun to plan 
and decorate for miss ivy's "Rainbow" party!

Ivy loved passing out her sucker invitations to her friends. 

it may have taken me a whole day, but i made the yummiest rainbow jello cups, 
along with a rainbow cake! 

Olivia was my awesome helper and she even helped me decorate this whole party! 
did i mention how much i love little girls!

i didn't even know until later how adorable her sign on the front door was.  she made the 
sign to tell everyone we were out back.  she may be a little party planning momma when 
she grows up.

I hired the most talented face painter EVER!  Denise from 'Painted Party' was fabulous. After ivy got
a rainbow butterfly painted on her face, all the girls followed suit.  she made each rainbow face totally different from the others, it was straight talent! we loved her!

I also hired the greatest balloon makers!  They were just as fabulous too!

after the girls got their face painted and cute balloons made, we played some 
games and ate some yummy treats.  
Ivy has the cutest little friends.

Pinata time!
maybe i love how my backyard opens up to a huge park... the party continued on!

i love how olivia is right there telling ivy to make a wish...
cutest sister ever.

 we had an absolute blast celebrating our baby girl!  I can't believe she is 4! she is definitely the life of our family, her personality is wild and fun!

she fell asleep early that night and slept straight through the night, we must have exhausted her! haha
when she woke up Cory and I asked her if she loved her party, and she
 said "I dreamed about it all night" 

that right there made all the work worth it! 
Love that girl to pieces!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


My very talented friend Katie {well actually Dan took these, Ha!}
from peekaboo photos took our family pictures and i 
love how they turned out. 

They always do such a fabulous job and i love their work.
last year we did just the kids because i had braces.  

hallelujah to No braces for mom! haha

My handsome teenager... Boston age 13

Hayes is seriously so cute and such a goofball.  Love how katie caught
 him in action! 
~age 7

Sweetest thing on the planet...
Olivia age 7

My little sassy pants... Ivy grace, age 4

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