Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Ivy celebrated her 4th birthday!!

I'm pretty sure i adored this party as much as my little 4 year old!  So much fun to plan 
and decorate for miss ivy's "Rainbow" party!

Ivy loved passing out her sucker invitations to her friends. 

it may have taken me a whole day, but i made the yummiest rainbow jello cups, 
along with a rainbow cake! 

Olivia was my awesome helper and she even helped me decorate this whole party! 
did i mention how much i love little girls!

i didn't even know until later how adorable her sign on the front door was.  she made the 
sign to tell everyone we were out back.  she may be a little party planning momma when 
she grows up.

I hired the most talented face painter EVER!  Denise from 'Painted Party' was fabulous. After ivy got
a rainbow butterfly painted on her face, all the girls followed suit.  she made each rainbow face totally different from the others, it was straight talent! we loved her!

I also hired the greatest balloon makers!  They were just as fabulous too!

after the girls got their face painted and cute balloons made, we played some 
games and ate some yummy treats.  
Ivy has the cutest little friends.

Pinata time!
maybe i love how my backyard opens up to a huge park... the party continued on!

i love how olivia is right there telling ivy to make a wish...
cutest sister ever.

 we had an absolute blast celebrating our baby girl!  I can't believe she is 4! she is definitely the life of our family, her personality is wild and fun!

she fell asleep early that night and slept straight through the night, we must have exhausted her! haha
when she woke up Cory and I asked her if she loved her party, and she
 said "I dreamed about it all night" 

that right there made all the work worth it! 
Love that girl to pieces!

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