Sunday, September 23, 2012

AF Football!

It's that time of year again!  FOOTBALL Season!  
I love watching my boy play his sport.  He loves this game with a passion and it is
so fun to see him in action.

their very first game they lost, you could imagine how bummed they were.   
But they have been unstoppable ever since.  Winning streak is on!

Boston plays running back and middle line backer {his favorites}   
we always laugh so hard, but theboy can hit HARD!  He plays 7th grade football this 
year so it is a bit tougher and they have some HUGE boys on these teams.  like HUGE!

a couple of his buddies from our neighborhood are all on the same team this year.  
they love it and have a blast together.  

last week at practice he got hit to the ground really hard, total accident. 
 But has been out with a concussion. boo!  
sadly he is the one usually hurting the other kids.  He had to sit out these last 2 games
and it is killing him.  he continues to go to practice, but is ready to play this next week.
just had to wait for his headaches to go away. 

Go Bos GO!!

in the second game, Boston scored the first touchdown! whoop whoop!

What would Football season be without the Cheerleaders??!!
seriously! Aren't these cheerleaders so adorable! 
love our little mascots {wink wink}

ivy, kate & olivia 

this is a picture after a game of the 4 boys who made the touchdowns!  3 of them in our neighborhood! yah baby!

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