Wednesday, September 12, 2012

final swim meet of the season.

It was such a fun swim season this year!  Boston took 1st or 2nd in most of the 
meets and Olivia and Hayes... well they placed up to 15th place.  
Since their were only 5 boys in hayes' division competing he got medals and trophies.  
Olivia had about 20 girls in her division so she got some ribbons. 

the last swim meet of the year was so awesome. they gave trophies to the top 12th places. 
 So all of my kids got trophies.  They felt so awesome!

it was the twins first year and they loved it.  Can't wait til next year to see how 
they progress.  Since Ivy is officially swimming on her own now,  
she may be the 
next one on the swim team.

getting brother ready to swim freestyle.

 the last meet actually went until 10pm!  Luckily Boston and Cameron got back in time
 from football practice to finish their last 2 events.  
They were busy this day! ha

Hayes excited to get his 5th place medals! 

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