Thursday, September 13, 2012

California Vacation!

we had ONE last week of summer break to play, so my sister Jill and I loaded up the 
kids and went to go see Witney on SYTYCD and play in California!
{Cory and Boston had football and they didn't want to leave}

we had the BEST weather and had so much fun playing at the Beach & Univeral Studios! 
We LOVE the beach!
we brought our cute little McCall to help out with the kids too.

Our first day we went to Santa Monica Beach and enjoyed the whole day
basking in the sun and finding sand crabs!  Of course we hit up our beloved 
"Togo's" sandwich stop {a must eat while in cali}

then that night we headed over to Universal Studios!  our hotel was "lowe's" in Hollywood and 
was seriously 1 mile from the park, so we HAD to go that night and the next day!!
it was SO hot that day but it didn't stop us from having fun.  

my kids LOVED jurassic Park,  i even snuck ivy on and she loved it.  It is so animated 
with dinosaurs and sooo cool!  Luckily it was a water ride so we did that a few times.

we saw all sorts of awesome characters and even took the Hollywood Tours to 
show you how they make the movies!  we saw the set of Jaws, and plenty more.
it was actually very cool!

our view from our hotel room.

Universal Studios!
Hayes was pumped to get a picture with the real "bumble bee"  
also that was possibly our most favorite ride there.

she was SO excited to see Dora!

miss 3 was tall enough for Transformers, but not for Jurassic park!  she went anyway. haha!

the set of Jaws!

Desperate Housewives... Wysteria lane

cooling off while leaving Universal!

that next evening after our 2nd day of universal, we met up with the Kelley's and Witney for some shopping and dinner!  We were all so excited to see Witney and her apartment was a block away from our hotel.   we cruised the Hollywood stars and it was very interesting! haha!

Miss Olivia with her Namesake!  I have always loved Olivia Newton John
since i was little and always LOVED her name! 

everyone so excited to hang out and eat dinner with Witney!  The show was the next
 night so she got to spend the evening with us.  

Before we went to the Rehearsal show of SYTYCD at ABC studios, Jill and I along with London and Sheraka spent a lunch date at "the American Girl Doll" store and Cafe!  

This was a Bucket list item for me!  Lunch with my girls and their American girl dolls!
SO precious!

i love how excited they were to have their doll sit next to them in a booster.  It was 
seriously so cute.  Ivy loved every moment of that lunch!
the lunch was so cute and even the dessert was adorable.  This was magical and 
so worth it!

at the table they had cute little conversation questions that the girls would ask us.  
so darling.

liv with kanani

 Kit & Ivy

look how adorable the dessert is!

after lunch we met up with the boys and shopped around for a bit  until the rehearsal show started! 
 i love the Grove for shopping and they have the best farmers market! 

here we are just finished watching the show then later went to the live show 
and it was INCREDIBLE!  It was such a great experience and night.... 
because lindsay and witney both made the Top Ten!
whoop whoop!!

while eating we were voting away!  ha
it was exhausting... we even wore out little ivy! 

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