Wednesday, September 12, 2012

last days of summer...

I let the kids pick what they wanted to do before school started.  Boston got himself a one on 
one date with his mama.  We had fun, we went to chick fil A for lunch and finished up 
some school shopping.  then he requested some golfing.  

We played all summer at lots of pools but we loved alpine country clubs pool the best. 
 It's close and they hava a fun little kids pool along with a big pool with diving board 
and slide for the older kids.

olivia and hayes wanted to go to the "beach park"Ha!   It's a new park in Pleasant grove where
they have a little lake with lots of sand.  it's actually very cool and wasn't too crowded when we went.
they also picked snoasis for a snowie!

we love the Lindon pool.  This year was fun for us, because livi and hayes can actually do
 everything by themselves.  They have a lazy river, waterslides and it's all reachable! 
 loved it there!
boston was plenty entertained on the flowrider.  He loves that thing!

alpine country club with cousins is always the best!

the twins finished up a summer season of Crossfit kids! I absolutely loved watching 
them do what cory and I love!  They did hard stuff too!  
Boston continues enjoying crossfit during football season.  
It has definitely has helped them in all their skills!

Hayes did his first pull up!

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