Wednesday, September 19, 2012

miss four...

my little ivy grace is officially four!  Her birthday party was so fun, and we celebrated 
pretty much all week! haha!
Her actual birthday was on sunday, and it was so perfect to spend the whole day catering to 
what she wanted to do with her family.

she woke up and we had our traditional birthday breakfast and opening of 
presents.  She got an American Girl dog for Kit.  {which she adores}, a new La La 
Loopsey, and when her cousins & Grandparents came over for cake she got lots more.

Ivy reminds us every day she is 4.  She is absolutely the light of our life and she knows it.
she keeps us on our toes with her spunky demanding but hilarious personality.
we wouldn't want her any other way.

Ivy's favorites...

*she loves Dora & SYTYCD!
*chocolate milk sippies
*playing with friends & cousins
*listening to music
*dressing herself
*doing jobs around the house
*her chickens

she is 4 going on 14!  she cracks us up!
we love you to pieces.

after church we spent the afternoon riding bikes and longboarding at the park behind our house.
boston and cory can rip on the long board and penny board so of course
she had to try it too.

instead of learning to ride a bike at 4 she is longboarding all by herself. Ha!

olivia being a monkey!

her dinner request was spaghetti with meatballs. 
our family favorite.

 later cousins and grandparents came over to sing to her and then eat the delicious rainbow cake. {recipe found on pinterest}  it was surprisingly so yummy and so cute!

and at her preschool we brought her class some of her favorite pink sprinkled doughnuts 
from our favorite spot!

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