Friday, September 14, 2012

back to school.

We enjoyed one last week of summer break in California!  It's always sad to say
 goodbye to summer, but i always look forward to a real schedule and my
 kids were so excited to start school and meet their teacher.

this is a big year for us!  Boston started a real Junior High. 7th Grade! ha!  
he was so excited to wear normal clothes. FINALLY!  
he loves Junior high and has some fun classes!

hayes and livi are 2nd graders and Adore their teacher.  She is fabulous.  I have been so 
lucky to get the best teachers for them every year! 
LOVE their school.

Little miss ivy started Pre school too!  She started out a little nervous but LOVES having 
a couple of her bff's in her class!  It is possibly the cutest preschool EVER! 

i absolutely love that they sit next to each other! 

Ivy with Miss Farrah.

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