Thursday, September 13, 2012

LA Bound...

It was an absolute blast supporting my cute niece Witney on SYTYCD!  
I got to go a few times, some 
were last minute and others were planned.  

We went with Cory's Aunt Pam and another time with my sister Rachel.
 We always had a blast.  My favorite place to eat is at Farmers Market at the Grove, 
I CRAVE their nutella banana crepes!  Seriously TO DIE FOR!
the shopping is fabulous and of course the company is always so fun!

we stayed at the cutest little hotel across the street from CBS studios and the Grove
  It's so Unique,  it's called "Farmers Daughter"

We went to the LIVE show and everytime I was there they literally sat us behind 
the Coreographers! So i was always on TV!  Got some minutes of fame! ha!

loved watching the show LIVE and loved seeing witney perform.  
She is so Amazing!  

She made top 3 girls, what an accomplishment!  We were at the show where she was voted
off, so we helped her pack up and we got to hang out with Eliana and Tiffany one night.
they were so cute, playing family feud together Every night!
such fun friends!

can't wait to see them on Tour!!

we all went out to eat after the show, and got to chat with Cyrus and of course the
 rest of the gang.  My kids love Cyrus so they thought that 
was so cool that i had a picture with him. haha!

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