Wednesday, September 28, 2011

going private...

I'm going to try out this 'going private' thing for a bit.  I'm not sure how long it may last 
but as much as i love to blog about family and personal things, it's probably best to go private.
 I have met some great people through blogging and hope
to keep in touch with all of you!

please leave your email address in the comments if you would like to continue to
 view the blog.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Matilda Jane "you & me"...

'Save the Date'

**Tues,  October 4th**
6-8pm {open house}

if you haven't seen or bought matilda jane then you NEED to come to my open house!
come and look at the new fall line and enjoy some treats on me.
also i heard that the holiday line will be available to purchase that night too.

if you are interested in coming, send me an email.... shashtaylor{at}gmail{dot}com
i would love to see you!

if you can't make it or live far away, go to matilda jane and add what you would like to your
'wishlist' and email it to me.  

Friday, September 23, 2011

tangled party...

for little miss three!

she loves all things rapunzal {& dora}.  we had a fun time planning and searching 
for party ideas for her 3rd birthday party!

we had so many fun ideas and activities for the little kids to do and on 
the day of her party it rained like crazy!  We were going to do sidewalk chalk on the
 basketball court with flowers everywhere like rapunzal painted for her festival. 
 and at the end of the party we were going to let  lanterns go up in the sky. 
{clear balloons with glowstick bracelets in them} 

we had to bring the party inside.{major sigh}

regardless, we let our hair down and partied!

~the invites
{which she LOVED passing out}

cory and i braided this beautiful long hair {which wasn't easy} and all the kids loved 
seeing this when they arrived.

little did we know this braided hair would be plenty of hours of
 entertainment for the neighborhood girls days later...

the treat table...

jello boats, which were surprisingly delicious!
found some great ideas here.

the  delicious cake! 
"Dippidee" is our local bakery here which we love, this cake was awesome!
 marble with vanilla filling.   isn't it so darling?!


the party favors.
paints/brush/mirror/glowstick bracelet/candy necklace

right when the little princesses & prince {yes we had 2 boys}
 arrived, my helpers {livi, tessa & hayes} brought them
 over to the coloring table until all the other guests arrived.

we made super cute 'pascal' party blowers!  these were so easy and they loved playing with them.
  i found all these items at our local dollar store.

'pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider'
so cute!  

then guess who arrived at our house??!

Rapunzal and Flynn Rider!!
ivy took some warming up to them,  and then she kept hugging rapunzal! 
 all the kids were so cute to them!

ivy with rapunzal and her rapunzal friends! haha

it's cake time!
i think the highlight for ivy was when we sang happy birthday to her.

ivy with her nana

present time!

our dad was busy last minute coaching  for boston's football practice.
  they were able to arrive for the
 last part of her party.  

we took ivy to tepanyaki with the family for dinner afterwards, and to my surprise it was
 the best experience we have ever had there!  the cook was fabulous,
 the food amaz-ing and they all sang to ivy.
  he even put marshmallows on skewers for the kids and let them roast them over the fire!
seriously who does that?!  

it was a fabulous day for our girl. she loved having her friends over for a party.
 we put all the balloons in her room so she can enjoy them until they pop!
she LOVES them!

that night i put all the leftover glowsticks from her party in the bath tub!
I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest! {i loooove pinterest}
They all loved this!!

lets go "CAVEMEN"

Boston's football team is undefeated!  
i guess these boys {most of them} have been playing together for the last 3 years.
this is our first year on the A team, remember we played for
Lonepeak {their rival} last year.  
it's pretty exciting but also super stressful when the games
 come to a very close ending. whew.

this game was Coach Barron's "5oth" birthday and so we were super
 stressed since we were in the 3rd quarter and the score was 13-0  the other
team in the lead.   it was so sweet in the 4th quarter 
we caught up and ended up winning the game with a score of  15-13!  
totally awesome!!!

my boston playing in the moroon LP helmet... don't worry we had it painted now to red. haha

and we have totally legit cheerleaders this year... which i LOVE!!

especially these cheerleaders!!  ha
my favorite part of the football games is when ivy yells super loud "Go Boston Red Sox" 
 everyone just laughs at her and she has no idea that she's being funny.  bahahaha!!

 these girls are so cute to my little cheerleaders. livi and ivy are on the right.

way to go Boston!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

become a "Snowmama/Snowpapa"...

 I have been waiting all year for this.... It's the application to become a "snowmama/snowpapa" 
for Park City Mountain Resort!!  
I have been busy trying to make a fun & exciting video to enter!

you have to apply before midnight tonight. 
I did it & so now the waiting begins.

this would be like a dream come true... so cross your fingers people!
ok so seriously, don't you think i would be perfect for this??!!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

AF Cavemen!

it's my absolute favorite time of year... Football Season!

Boston loves football and we love watching him play!  
He moved to a new team this year, the "A" Team. woot woot!
 it's the American Fork A team, last year this team won the championship 
game so he feels pretty excited to be playing with these boys!

so far these guys are UNDEFEATED!!  

Boston is playing  linebacker and running back but he mostly 
likes playing linebacker! he likes to hit! haha

hayes and his buddies...

Friday, September 16, 2011

my ivy...

turns "3 yrs" old today!  {going on 5}
i love how she is so sassy and then can change to sweet so fast. 
her personality is hilarious, she's very fun and loud and we all just adore her. 

she says the funniest things and cory and i look at each other with that look like, "did she 
really just say that?" she's a smartie!
  she's our most independent child.  dresses herself daily, she even pushes 
the stool to the fridge and opens it up and finds herself something to eat. haha

she is not afraid of anything, very outgoing, loves to dance {hip hop} lol, and sing!
her attitude gets her anything she wants!  
 she ususally blames hayes for everything. {wink}

although she sounds kinda naughty, she has the 
sweetest side too,   she loves her family like crazy.  
every night she tells us " i love you will all mine heart"  it's so precious.  

her favorites are...
listening to music
good  luck charlie
friends {yep she watches the nick at nite marathons with us}
chocolate milk baba's 
all sweets {we've never had a child eat so much candy}
staying up late with her daddy
bath bombs!
playing with her siblings

she is our best little friend.   
we love hanging out together all day while the kids
are in school.

happy birthday baby girl,  i love you with all my heart! 

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Boston {massachusetts}

Cory & I took our Boston on his '12 year' old trip to BOSTON Massachusetts!  

i LOVE Boston!
we couldn't have picked a better time to take him.  the red sox were playing the yankees! 

 last year in 5th grade he did his state report {8 week project} on massachussets so he
knew what sights he wanted to see which made it fabulous.
the weather was gorgeous, and the Boston temple is beautiful!
how perfect!!  
the best part is that our dear friends 'the rhodes' just moved out there and they hosted us 
for a couple of days and it was wonderful!

we spent 4 days in Boston.  
The first day we had lunch @ legal.  Boston got his seafood fix and so did we. 
    that night we went to Fenway Park ~ Red Sox/Yankee game!!
 this game was incredible.  they scored 3 home runs and  at the 8th inning
Papelbon came out to close the game. the whole night boston kept telling us,
 "this is the best day ever!" haha 
it was pretty epic! {unforgettable for a 12 year old boy}

the next day we did the "freedom trail" and went to the 'Granary Cemetery' where some historically famous people were buried like  Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, etc.  
and the victims of the Boston massacre.

"fanueil hall" marketplace was our favorite!  
awesome food and plenty of fun shopping.  live entertainment every so often too.
boston and i were in heaven with our yummy nutella crepes!
Boston harbor

later that evening we met up with the Rhodes for some delicious dinner on Newbury street!  
we ate at this darling restaurant called "Scoozi"

steak pizza and bbq chicken! i'm drooling just thinking about it!

these guys were all giggles the whole time! we loved hanging out with our buddies!

 friday morning jane and dusty took cory and i on a fabulous trail run!   
{while boston was sleeping in~wink} 
it's so green and lush where they live and the running trails are awesome.  
she told me that the boston marathon runs right passed this trail on mile marker 16!

we took boston to the Boston Temple and he loved being able to do baptisms.  
the temple is beautiful and right off the freeway!

after the kids were home from school we all went out to eat and to the "natick mall" which was literally the best mall i have ever been to!  i was loving this day! ha

one last thing boston wanted to do in Boston was go to the Beach!  
who would have thought the beach in Boston would be so Awesome?? seriously? 
 it was so fun and super clean.  the kids were laughing and having a blast the whole time!
I loved it!  

 we loved spending quality time with just Boston!  such a wonderful trip to make memories with our boy, who is growing up so fast!

we loved hanging out playing games and laughing with our 'besties' every night! 
 they were fabulous hosts and can't wait to go back for more.
thanks rhodes!
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