Friday, September 23, 2011

tangled party...

for little miss three!

she loves all things rapunzal {& dora}.  we had a fun time planning and searching 
for party ideas for her 3rd birthday party!

we had so many fun ideas and activities for the little kids to do and on 
the day of her party it rained like crazy!  We were going to do sidewalk chalk on the
 basketball court with flowers everywhere like rapunzal painted for her festival. 
 and at the end of the party we were going to let  lanterns go up in the sky. 
{clear balloons with glowstick bracelets in them} 

we had to bring the party inside.{major sigh}

regardless, we let our hair down and partied!

~the invites
{which she LOVED passing out}

cory and i braided this beautiful long hair {which wasn't easy} and all the kids loved 
seeing this when they arrived.

little did we know this braided hair would be plenty of hours of
 entertainment for the neighborhood girls days later...

the treat table...

jello boats, which were surprisingly delicious!
found some great ideas here.

the  delicious cake! 
"Dippidee" is our local bakery here which we love, this cake was awesome!
 marble with vanilla filling.   isn't it so darling?!


the party favors.
paints/brush/mirror/glowstick bracelet/candy necklace

right when the little princesses & prince {yes we had 2 boys}
 arrived, my helpers {livi, tessa & hayes} brought them
 over to the coloring table until all the other guests arrived.

we made super cute 'pascal' party blowers!  these were so easy and they loved playing with them.
  i found all these items at our local dollar store.

'pin the frying pan on Flynn Rider'
so cute!  

then guess who arrived at our house??!

Rapunzal and Flynn Rider!!
ivy took some warming up to them,  and then she kept hugging rapunzal! 
 all the kids were so cute to them!

ivy with rapunzal and her rapunzal friends! haha

it's cake time!
i think the highlight for ivy was when we sang happy birthday to her.

ivy with her nana

present time!

our dad was busy last minute coaching  for boston's football practice.
  they were able to arrive for the
 last part of her party.  

we took ivy to tepanyaki with the family for dinner afterwards, and to my surprise it was
 the best experience we have ever had there!  the cook was fabulous,
 the food amaz-ing and they all sang to ivy.
  he even put marshmallows on skewers for the kids and let them roast them over the fire!
seriously who does that?!  

it was a fabulous day for our girl. she loved having her friends over for a party.
 we put all the balloons in her room so she can enjoy them until they pop!
she LOVES them!

that night i put all the leftover glowsticks from her party in the bath tub!
I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest! {i loooove pinterest}
They all loved this!!


Kierstin said...

Such a cute party!! I love that long braided hair, that is such a darling idea (definitely looks hard to do though!)

The cake is SO cute, everything looks perfect!

Happy Birthday Ivy!

Jessica and Jim said...

What a great party! I love the braid on the front door and the cute food!What fun. (And Zack sure enjoyed the leftover glowsticks last night.)

Anonymous said...

OMG ... such a fun party! I am totally having you plan my kids' next party. Looks like everyone had a fab time. You are such a fun mom!

hannah said...

Omigosh Shannon!!!! That is soooo cute! No wonder Ivy loved it...;)

Granum Family said...

love this party! so cute! happy birthday ivy!

Jenn Granum said...

What an adorable party! I love so many of the ideas - apples for Maximus, frying pan on Flynn, the cake was amazing, the lantern gift boxes were adorable, .... Happy Birthday sweet girl!

{jane} said...

cutest tangled party EVER! i saw that glow stick idea on pinterest, i bet ivy just loved it! she looks so tall, more like she should be turning 5!

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