Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Boston {massachusetts}

Cory & I took our Boston on his '12 year' old trip to BOSTON Massachusetts!  

i LOVE Boston!
we couldn't have picked a better time to take him.  the red sox were playing the yankees! 

 last year in 5th grade he did his state report {8 week project} on massachussets so he
knew what sights he wanted to see which made it fabulous.
the weather was gorgeous, and the Boston temple is beautiful!
how perfect!!  
the best part is that our dear friends 'the rhodes' just moved out there and they hosted us 
for a couple of days and it was wonderful!

we spent 4 days in Boston.  
The first day we had lunch @ legal.  Boston got his seafood fix and so did we. 
    that night we went to Fenway Park ~ Red Sox/Yankee game!!
 this game was incredible.  they scored 3 home runs and  at the 8th inning
Papelbon came out to close the game. the whole night boston kept telling us,
 "this is the best day ever!" haha 
it was pretty epic! {unforgettable for a 12 year old boy}

the next day we did the "freedom trail" and went to the 'Granary Cemetery' where some historically famous people were buried like  Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, etc.  
and the victims of the Boston massacre.

"fanueil hall" marketplace was our favorite!  
awesome food and plenty of fun shopping.  live entertainment every so often too.
boston and i were in heaven with our yummy nutella crepes!
Boston harbor

later that evening we met up with the Rhodes for some delicious dinner on Newbury street!  
we ate at this darling restaurant called "Scoozi"

steak pizza and bbq chicken! i'm drooling just thinking about it!

these guys were all giggles the whole time! we loved hanging out with our buddies!

 friday morning jane and dusty took cory and i on a fabulous trail run!   
{while boston was sleeping in~wink} 
it's so green and lush where they live and the running trails are awesome.  
she told me that the boston marathon runs right passed this trail on mile marker 16!

we took boston to the Boston Temple and he loved being able to do baptisms.  
the temple is beautiful and right off the freeway!

after the kids were home from school we all went out to eat and to the "natick mall" which was literally the best mall i have ever been to!  i was loving this day! ha

one last thing boston wanted to do in Boston was go to the Beach!  
who would have thought the beach in Boston would be so Awesome?? seriously? 
 it was so fun and super clean.  the kids were laughing and having a blast the whole time!
I loved it!  

 we loved spending quality time with just Boston!  such a wonderful trip to make memories with our boy, who is growing up so fast!

we loved hanging out playing games and laughing with our 'besties' every night! 
 they were fabulous hosts and can't wait to go back for more.
thanks rhodes!


Idaho Penningtons said...

What a great time! Grace was telling her friend about where she wanted to go for her 12 yr. old trip and the friend had NO IDEA what that was and that it was even possible! HAHAHA Grace thought everyone knew about 12 yr. old trips!

L Johnson said...

So cool!

Lillian Mariner said...

Thats awesome!! Glad you guys got to reunite. Did Jane delete her blog? I can't find it anymore.

Candace said...

Boston is so great! The city and the boy! Glad you had a fun time! Next time you will have to try Anthony's Pier 4 for your seafood fix ;)

Jessica and Jim said...

WAY too much fun, if you ask me! I went to Boston was I was Boston's age and I have the best memories. He's a lucky boy!

Diana and Derek said...

What a great trip.

{jane} said...

i loved reading through this with all the pictures - we still haven't been to fanueil hall, so i need to get our family there!

boston is such a great kid, he totally deserved a 12-year-old-birthday-trip!

now... start planning the girls trip, so i can see you again!!! xoxo. you can visit boston each season this year, lol!!!

Kierstin said...

How fun!! What a great tradition and what a great place to visit!! I love all of the pictures, it all looks and sounds like so much fun. That is awesome you were able to spend time with the Rhodes, how fun for all of you!

Jenn Granum said...

Oh my gosh - what a frickin awesome trip! I totally want to go to Boston now. You could not have planned that Red Sox game any better - epic. I bet the Rhodes were so excited to have you guys there. Everyone looks great! Luvs!!!

Shannon said...

I am loving all of these pics, can't wait for my turn to visit! The Rhodes are the best!

hannah said...

SO FUN! Wish I could've come along...

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