Friday, September 23, 2011

lets go "CAVEMEN"

Boston's football team is undefeated!  
i guess these boys {most of them} have been playing together for the last 3 years.
this is our first year on the A team, remember we played for
Lonepeak {their rival} last year.  
it's pretty exciting but also super stressful when the games
 come to a very close ending. whew.

this game was Coach Barron's "5oth" birthday and so we were super
 stressed since we were in the 3rd quarter and the score was 13-0  the other
team in the lead.   it was so sweet in the 4th quarter 
we caught up and ended up winning the game with a score of  15-13!  
totally awesome!!!

my boston playing in the moroon LP helmet... don't worry we had it painted now to red. haha

and we have totally legit cheerleaders this year... which i LOVE!!

especially these cheerleaders!!  ha
my favorite part of the football games is when ivy yells super loud "Go Boston Red Sox" 
 everyone just laughs at her and she has no idea that she's being funny.  bahahaha!!

 these girls are so cute to my little cheerleaders. livi and ivy are on the right.

way to go Boston!!

1 comment:

hannah said...

AWESOME!!! Is there a Football team for girls???

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