Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Activity days......oh and Soccer

I had activity days yesterday after school and we made these cute heart Pillows. The girls did it all by themselves and it was actually really easy! It was Kiana's First time in our Activity days so she came ready to teach us how to make them! (oh and little Olivia had to be a part of it) The girls loved it and had a great time! We had our Second game last night, which we were winning but ended in a TIE of 4-4! This is our new team The Red Iguanas, that Jane put together and some of the
girls haven't played before. Most of these girlies are in my neighborhood.
WE are pretty much awesome!
Back row: Starlee Johnson; Jane Rhodes; Jen Granum; Janette Duckworth;Daphne Blanchard; Kristin Trejo.
Front row: Roxanna Gleed; Rebecca Clarke; Eva Strate; Me; Melissa
(Melissa & I are both pregnant :)
This is the other team i was playing on forever... We all played so good together too.
The team is "Desperate" and on the shorts it said "To get out of the house" hehehe
I love these girls..

( i missed this game)
Today I am starting on this new (anti nausea) Medicine for pregnancy sickness called Zofran, has anybody taken it before?..... I am one of those weird pregnant people that don't take anything, but i am now DESPERATE....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Thomas Edison...

Boston's 2nd grade class is doing the cutest thing....They are all given a Famous American and they have to do an Oral Report, Dress up, Show pictures, etc...on them.
So Boston's was Thomas Edison! He researched him like crazy and read so many crazy stories about him. Boston even dressed up like him, hair and all! It was so fun to watch him do this Presentation in front of his Class. Cory and Boston even Invented the Cup/yarn Telephone and the kids had to ask their Questions in the Phone he made. It was so Awesome, he did such a great Job!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Guess who's Prego???!!!

This was a huge shocker to us, seems how we all know i do not get Pregnant without Fertility!! But SO exciting, I am just 9 weeks pregnant and due September 24th....
Can you believe it?!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Congratulations Jake & Andrea Taylor...

We have had a busy weekend, filled with family and Wedding stuff. On Saturday Jake (cory's little brother) got married! We are so excited to have Andrea as a SIL and Auntie, She is so darling and they were the cutest, Most excited wedding couple i have ever seen!
The Reception was at the Garden room at Thanksgiving point and all the little nieces and nephews looked absolutley darling, here are a few photos of the Big day...

Nana, Papa and all the grandchildren
Hayes & Livie
Our little family
All the girls with their little girls, oh and Ally (she's no longer our little girl)
Heather & Lucy
Hayes & Mommy

Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentines day....

Valentines was so busy & Fun! My kids woke up to"Heart" Shaped Pancakes &
their Valentines and Cookies!
Cory came home with Flowers for me, and Olivia saw him first and said in her adorable voice "Oh daddy, thank you so much for the flowers" hehe {She is so the Princess here}

Then i went and helped in Bostons Class for his Party! I got the kids all HYPED up on Sugar and They were loving it. We went to the Rest home and passed out Valentines and then we came back to Decorate Cookies and Play "Musical Kisses"!

Boston & Myla Toasting their Cherry 7up

Our Family from Arizona is here for the Wedding Festivities (Cory's little Brother's Wedding) So we had a little party of our own at our house
with all of the Taylor Cousins. We played games, ate Tempura Shrimp, and had lots of Delicious treats! The kids decorated cookies and Jammed out to Alvin & The chipmunks! SO cute
I didn't take lots of pictures, but Jane did!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Cabo San Lucas...

We are back home, from our Fabulous Vacation in Mexico!
Our Best Friends, Geoff & Jenn Went with us and It was so nice and Relaxing and we enjoyed every minute of it...

All we did was Sleep in, Go to the Gym, get a Massage, Hang out on the Beach, by the Pool, ordered THE BEST Chips and Salsa/Guacamole, Chicken Tacos & Nachos, and hung out in the SPA until It was time for dinner!

The Food was so good, and we were definitely so excited to go back to this Resort for the "Adult Only" atmosphere.

This was one of the Views from our room of the Beach.

This was my Favorite Snack to order accompanied by Mexico's Delicious "Coke' Lite"

We went out on the town in Cabo, and ate at "Ruth's Chris" for our Anniversary Dinner...They sent us a free Dessert that said "Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy Anniversary" it was sweet cause the guy thought i was "21" hehehe....

We were so spoiled and Had many of Massages, so this was our Couples massage out on the Beach right before we went and had our Candlelight dinner on the Beach...

Housekeeping made some Cute Little Displays all over our Room, it was so cute!

We had the Most Amazing night while eating a candlelight dinner on the Beach with the most Beautiful Sunset and hanging out watching the Whales all over (there were seriously HUGE Whales and so close). It was such a Cool night, with Tiki Torches , Delicious Food, and then we got to hang out on the Beds and Cory and I watched "Prison Break" it is so Addicting....

We watched "Prison Break" and Couldn't get enough, it is so AWESOME, we are definitely hooked..... And i read This...

We came home to a Cute "Welcome Home" from our Kiddos with Cookies and a Scavenger Hunt to find them...

It was a Fun vacation, but it is always so exciting to come home and see your little family!!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

We are headed "South of the Border"...

We are off to Cabo for our 12 year Anniversary!! We left you with some sweet Entertainment while we're away!
{Press pause on shannon's tunes, at the bottom}

Don't send a lame Valentine's Day eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Arizona Cousins...

We went to Arizona for Boston's Cousins Baptism! We had so much fun playing with everyone!
The weather was kind of warm and as we were leaving it was Raining! We went Mtn. biking, Got Pedicures, ate Tia Rosa's, Went to their Orange Orchard (where they are building their new house),Picked a gazillion oranges, Skateboarded, Skate park, Softball game, Played and Played!
Thanks Jane & Todd for a fun trip!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Ava the "Super Princess"

It has been 1 year, since this sweet little girl went to live with Our Father in Heaven. This sweet Princess, has touched my life. Her mother, Sheye has inspired me and writes the most amazing things about her, and has such a beautiful family. She has taught me to hug my kids a little tighter and Love a little more! I think of Ava often...
Click on this link to read more about her...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Anniversary Baby...

12 years! How did i get so lucky?! Yes, they have been the most Wonderful years of my life! I married the Man of my dreams and couldn't imagine being any Happier. Thanks baby for a Beautiful life...

Friday, February 01, 2008

Viva Las Vegas...

Cory had a Ski show convention in Las Vegas, so we tagged along and hung out in the Wynn Hotel!  We had a great time, just Chillin in the Room, ordering Room service, and Shopping! 
The Rooms are seriously so amazing there and my kids took like 3 baths and showers a day, it was so comfy to just lounge around and hang out together!

I think their favorite part was watching Spongebob, while Taking a bath...
We are now in Arizona Hanging out with our Taylor Cousins for Brigham's Baptism.

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