Wednesday, April 25, 2007


We had so much fun tonight at Boston's First EVER Pinewood Derby! He was so excited and his Nana and Papa were there to cheer him on!
He won 1 st place once and tied 1 st place....He won 2nd place 4 times and 3rd place all the other times! It was so fun to see all the kids so pumped when they would place! Way to go TIGER CUBS!! ( I think the Tiger cubs had the best cars, seriously)
Boston, Chase and Cadyn Showing off their Cars! Chase had a SWEET "Pimp my ride" car with a Hot tub and Music playing, it was awesome!(Look real Close)
Boston's Car is Lane 4 the "Black Hawk" !
I am so Proud of my Favorite Show "American Idol"! They did the Greatest show tonight.."Idol gives back" if any of you have not watched, you better hurry It seriously pulls at your Heart! The Proceeds go to a VERY GOOD cause.... So Please Donate anything! you can go to
We are off tomorrow to Las Vegas again, this time with our kids! We decided we got Ripped off of our Spring Break, due to COLD weather! It's also Jenn's Birthday so we are going with them too!
Have a Great Weekend!!!


Hayes and Olivia had a Photoshoot today with Toni, from Token Photography! We love her, she is so amazing, she is known for her Church Books that she writes and has little Kids taking the Place as Nephi, Lehi, Sariah, etc...
So Today She had Hayes and Olivia be nephites for her next book ...."I NEPHI" My little Twin nephews are on the Cover of her latest book called "Behold your little ones"! It is going to be so cute.. Obviously this is just my camera taking a few shots before she took her own! Hopefully they turn out cute!

Monday, April 23, 2007


While Boston and Cory were working on Boston's "Pinewood Derby" car , we were having a fun time in the Bath tub! These pictures are so cute, i just had to Blog them! Olivia Sporting the "Sanjaya" hairdo!LOL
(Amazing...That Hayes was looking at me for a Picture... He never looks at the Camera!)

Hayes knows all his Colors now! YEA! We were in Costco today and everything he saw he would Yell out the Color.
We love to ask him "What does Nacho say" and he yells out
"NA HOOOOOOO" It's hilarious. All the Neighborhood kids encourage him!
Now Olivia will Imitate "patrick" on Spongebob (dad encourages her), I swear she talks like a 5 yr old. They are seriously at the Funnest age ever! How can life get any Better...... I LOVE IT!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Today Boston's Baseball team played in Heber against the Heber Creepers and The PROVO Dawgs! They lost the first game by 3 points, and Won the Second game! Way to go Sugarkings!!! He had 2 RBI's and played outfield and Second.
I thought it was a LONG day, but He LOVED it!

Olivia and Hayes were my amazing babies of the Day and Slept for 2 hours in their stroller while I got to REALLY watch the Game! That's a very big deal!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

HaPpY BiRtHdAy........

K....So i have been a Slacker, and my internet was down for a couple of days. I did just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of APRIL birthdays !
HaPPy BiRtHdAy to:
April 4th~ Mindy(Sister)
April 8th~ Kyle(Nephew)
April15~ Todd, Laurel, and Blake (Bro in law, Sis in law, Nephew)
April 19~ Kelly (Sis In law)
April 20~ Jaxon (Nephew)
April24~ Zak (Bro in law)
April 25~Sophie(Niece turning "1" yahoo)
April 27~ Jenn ( best friend)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE! I love you tons!!!!


We are on SPRING BREAK this week, and of course it has been soooo cold and Rainy and Yes, even snowing! But it didn't stop us! We went to BYU cruised around campus, ate at the Cougar eat and Then toured the KBYU Broadcasting news room. (So he could pass stuff off for Scouts)
We went to the Legacy pool and played with Chase and Caden and EsDee, London, and Cheer. It is such a cute pool that is Indoor and has Waterslides and stuff for the little kids too.

Boston had Charlee (his cousin) sleepover on Tuesday Night, Then he went over to Cooper and Camden's (His cousins) last night and had a HUGE sleepover with lots of cousins. ( Aunt Heather was very Brave! ) He said his favorite part of the Sleepover was eating Candy for Breakfast, So thank you Heather! And now chase is having a Sleepover tonight! I really should have blogged this post SLEEPOVER, instead of Spring Break! haha
We are hoping to wear shorts soon....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

WELCOME HOME...Elder Johnson!!!

Yea!!! My nephew Ben is coming home today at 4pm , after serving a Full time mission in the Roseville, Sacramento Mission! He is such a little cutie, and the First Grandchild, and the First Grandson to go, way to go buddy for setting such a GREAT example for all the other Cousins!
I still can't believe he is already home, it seems like we just sent him into the MTC! (life goes by fast when you have 2 babies in the house) I still think we stay the Same age and all the kids just grow up so fast!
I love you tons Ben, and Can't wait to see you!

He is the Cute Missionary on the LEFT!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


WE DID IT! The weather ended up being so nice on Saturday, we were so nervous that we would be freezing right after the Swim! I am so Glad that I did it! My time was 1:33:04 So i finished alot faster than my goal time. The hardest part for me was going from the Bike to the Run, But other than that i felt Great!
It was so much fun doing it with Cory too, What a Great accomplishment! We loved having Todd, Jane and kids there to Cheer us on! They were so awesome to come and support us. (Special thanks to jane....thats why i have these pictures) And they were still there with Candy (cory's mom) when we came running into the Finish line! I am a little sore, but it was all worth it.
I will definitley be doing that every year! Who doesn't like to Challenge the Body? C'Mon....

To see more pictures check out my Smugmug account!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Here are just a few pictures from this mornings Ball game! Unfortunatley they Lost...They played against a 9 yr old team.
Boston played 2nd Base and did a great job! He also had a Really good hit! We'll have to see how they play tonight!
GO Sugarkings!!

on the Agenda for today:

*Cleaning Ladies 8 am
*Baseball game 10am (Tournament Weekend for Boston)
*Windshield repaired on my Escalade (between 1-5)
*Pick up packet and get body marked for Tomorrows Triathlon between 5:30-7pm
*Dinner at Spaghetti Factory~ Big Carb Dinner to help out with Tomorrow Morn!
*2nd Baseball game 8pm
*Soccer game 8:40pm (Ladies League)

~Wish me Luck!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Boston went with Jenn and Chase tonight to Scouts, while Caden came over to Play with Hayes and Olivia! They made Super delicious Pizza's all by themselves! Go BOSTON! (so of course we had to cook it and eat it tonight!) Caden was so cute to the kids, I kept hearing him say "Princess, do you want to play Basketball, or Soccer" and Olivia said "um...Sure Caden"
He was reading them books and playing so cute with them. Hayes was so excited, he just kept following him around and saying "Cay Cay"!
Hayes' new thing is pushing or hitting Olivia and then he knows he is in trouble, so he just puts himself in the Corner! It's Hilarious!

I must say that i did shed a Tear tonight watching the Results show on American Idol! I think Haley is so Cute, Obviously not the Best singer, but she got so much better with each performance and she is a great Performer!

Oh and Boston just informed me that he Voted For SANJAYA! Ugh....

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Happy Easter Everyone!
It has been kind of a Cold rainy day, which was suprising to us since yesterday was about 80 + degrees!
After Church we went to our Famous "Easter Sunday Brunch" at Riverside, As always it was so nice and Delicious! (Just ask the BIG boys) We ate Prime Rib, Belgium Waffles, strawberries and Custard, and an assortment of Fruit dipped in Chocolate! We are pretty much done with eating for the day!
Now the kids are napping and my house is Clean (from not eating at home) and that is why
I L O V E Sundays!
Of course we had to have some Family Photos!
Boston, Chase and Caden were loving dipping all the treats in the chocolate fountain....Yes they all were dirty before we started on pictures!

Hayes and Olivia loved playing on their New Power Wheels. Hayes really rides it well and Olivia is a little Princess about it, She just likes to push it. She says" it's too loud"! Isn't she precious!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Neighborhood Easter Party!

We had our Neighborhood Easter Party today at the Higginsons! It was so much fun! We are getting so many more kids in the Neighborhood, It's a blast (Lots of Boys too)!
They had an Easter Hunt, Like you were at Thanksgiving Point (Seriously, that cool). The Babies and Toddlers had their own little area..... Hayes would pick up his Eggs and Throw them in their water Feature! They were loving just being outside! The Food was so DELICIOUS, The best BBQ and so many yummy side dishes. Jenn you so ROCK! She is on Day 4 of the Cleanse and didn't eat a thing!
We had a Duck Race in their water Feature with about "70 " ducks and everyone had a Number. They had 3 Heats and Boston was in the Lead in the Beginning.
It was so sweet to see that I won "3"rd Place, Chase won "2"nd and Caden won "1"st! And their were literally LOTS of people there! It was Quite funny!

The winners!

Another Easter Party tomorrow at Cory's Grandparents house ( you know the one blog about the 300 cousins! It will be a blast!)I had a soccer game right after the Party at 7pm and we lost 5-1! O well , they were a very hard team!
I am training for my Triathlon... So i have to Bike and Run tomorrow, so I better get to bed!
Good Night!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

HaPpY bIrThDaY MiNdY!

Here come the APRIL Birthdays, Between my family, and Cory's family and friends, we have so Many Birthdays this month!

This is my Twin sister (J/k) Everybody asks us if we are!
Have a Great Birthday Mindy! "35" Years old and probably the most active she's ever been!
I Love you tons!!!!

"A sister is a little bit of Childhood that can never be lost"

Monday, April 02, 2007

Family Night!

We had so much fun coloring Easter Eggs for our Activity tonight! Chase came over to help out after we ate dinner with them at Tucano's! Olivia Loved coloring her eggs Pink. The Kit was so cute, it came with little antlers and Eyes, lips and little legs to decorate your egg with.
The kids had a good time and now my kitchen is Smelly and Messy!

tomorrow is a super busy day for us..... 6:45 Run
10:00 Dentist(cleaning) for Boston and I
Mindy's Birthday Lunch at Olive Garden ( her fav!)
Put together Easter Baskets for Boston's Class at school!
Busy but fun!
Good Night!

Grandpa Hansens Farm!

After Conference on Sunday, we went to Cory's Grandpa's Farm where there were hundreds of Cousins (Literally) and Had so much fun! We all went to Celebrate Grandpa's Birthday and To celebrate the Winning of his Yearling Colt "Patriot" He won Reserved Grand Champion at the Horse show in Scottsdale! It was a Big deal since "Patriot" won Over all the Stallions and every Horse at the Show! Good Job Grandpa and Travis!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Conference Weekend!

Jenn you inspired me....

President Hinckley is so Amazing, How do you NOT feel the Spirit when he speaks!
I absolutley loved This Morning and Saturday's Conference sessions. I loved President Fausts' talk on "Forgiveness" I still cannot believe how amazing the Ammish people are! They are great reminders of how we should be more forgiving.

Last October My niece Witney and I were able to go to the Conference Session in Salt Lake and It was soooo Incredible for us to Feel the Spirit so Strong there, Especially when we were singing "We thank thee O God for a Prophet" and you could just feel the Spirit so strongly that you couldn't even sing the words! I am so jealous of all the People who get to be in the Conference Center, It was such a Fabulous Experience!
We are so Blessed to have the Fullness of the Gospel, I want to SHARE this LOVE and Happiness with everyone! The church is True! May we all be better people and share the Love of our Savior Jesus Christ with Everyone!

Have a Beautiful Sunday!
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