Monday, April 02, 2007

Family Night!

We had so much fun coloring Easter Eggs for our Activity tonight! Chase came over to help out after we ate dinner with them at Tucano's! Olivia Loved coloring her eggs Pink. The Kit was so cute, it came with little antlers and Eyes, lips and little legs to decorate your egg with.
The kids had a good time and now my kitchen is Smelly and Messy!

tomorrow is a super busy day for us..... 6:45 Run
10:00 Dentist(cleaning) for Boston and I
Mindy's Birthday Lunch at Olive Garden ( her fav!)
Put together Easter Baskets for Boston's Class at school!
Busy but fun!
Good Night!


Granum Family said...

Those Easter eggs are so cute! Have a fun, busy day today!!!

KB said...
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KB said...

They are so cute! (The kids and the eggs!!) Kate is so excited to dye eggs...I am glad Chase was able to do it too :-) Olivia looks SO cute and mature doing her egg all by herself. She is SO sweet!!!!

Jenn Granum said...

That was so much fun! Chase always has a great time at your house. Livy looks so cute in the big chair, dying eggs like a big girl!

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