Friday, April 13, 2007


Here are just a few pictures from this mornings Ball game! Unfortunatley they Lost...They played against a 9 yr old team.
Boston played 2nd Base and did a great job! He also had a Really good hit! We'll have to see how they play tonight!
GO Sugarkings!!

on the Agenda for today:

*Cleaning Ladies 8 am
*Baseball game 10am (Tournament Weekend for Boston)
*Windshield repaired on my Escalade (between 1-5)
*Pick up packet and get body marked for Tomorrows Triathlon between 5:30-7pm
*Dinner at Spaghetti Factory~ Big Carb Dinner to help out with Tomorrow Morn!
*2nd Baseball game 8pm
*Soccer game 8:40pm (Ladies League)

~Wish me Luck!!!


KB said...

You have a very busy day and weekend ahead of you from the looks of it!! Don't wear yourself out! Good luck to you and Boston in your games today and good luck in your triathalon tomorrow!! You are a total stud! I will be thinking of you and can't wait to hear how it all goes!

JT said...

Go shashi go! Go!

Heather said...

We got the Honda windshield fixed this morning. Cool.
Good luck on your triathalon!

Granum Family said...

Busy! Holy cow! Good luck on your triathalon!!!

KB said...

Boston's cheerleaders are the cutest ever!! He looks so cute in his uniform!

Granum Family said...

Cute Pics! I'm so jealous of the sunshine!!

becky said...

good luck with everything! i'll be thinking of you tomorrow during your triathalon!

Built Ford Tough said...

Oh my gosh Shannon you are one crazy lady. I have to say your babies are so cute. I love the picture of them looking through the fence, darling! And um, triathalon. Go get em tiger!

Barbie G. said...

carbs,'s and feather dusters! Keeps a girl busy! run for fun - GO, DO!

Jenn Granum said...

Cute pics! I love their uniforms. Good luck on the triathalon tomorrow. And for anybody reading my comment, I will brag for Shannon and say that she also had her body fat and bone density measured at BYU today. I won't embarass her and post the numbers but they were both very good! You are an inspiration to us all to achieve a good body and good health! Go Shashie Go!

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