Friday, April 06, 2007

Neighborhood Easter Party!

We had our Neighborhood Easter Party today at the Higginsons! It was so much fun! We are getting so many more kids in the Neighborhood, It's a blast (Lots of Boys too)!
They had an Easter Hunt, Like you were at Thanksgiving Point (Seriously, that cool). The Babies and Toddlers had their own little area..... Hayes would pick up his Eggs and Throw them in their water Feature! They were loving just being outside! The Food was so DELICIOUS, The best BBQ and so many yummy side dishes. Jenn you so ROCK! She is on Day 4 of the Cleanse and didn't eat a thing!
We had a Duck Race in their water Feature with about "70 " ducks and everyone had a Number. They had 3 Heats and Boston was in the Lead in the Beginning.
It was so sweet to see that I won "3"rd Place, Chase won "2"nd and Caden won "1"st! And their were literally LOTS of people there! It was Quite funny!

The winners!

Another Easter Party tomorrow at Cory's Grandparents house ( you know the one blog about the 300 cousins! It will be a blast!)I had a soccer game right after the Party at 7pm and we lost 5-1! O well , they were a very hard team!
I am training for my Triathlon... So i have to Bike and Run tomorrow, so I better get to bed!
Good Night!


KB said...

It looks like SO much fun! Way to go on the duck race! You are so busy, how do you do everything you do? You rock! Training for a triathalon...that is so awesome! I am cheering you on!

JT said...

Good job on the duck race. That was too funny! Have fun at the Hansen party!

Granum Family said...

Your neighborhood is the best!!! Sounds like a busy, fun Easter weekend!

Jenn Granum said...

That was fun! Thanks for the shout out for my fast. The food did look so yummy, but I'm glad I resisted.

becky said...

how fun is your neighborhood! the duck race is such a cute idea. good luck on the training! which one are you doing? we'll have to come cheer you on.

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