Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Tonight at Pack Meeting Boston got His Wolf Badge! They had everyone meet up at Vivian Park for a Campfire and S'mores, and to Honor Brother Clegg {Who is an Unbelievable Scout Master} in his Retirement of Scout master!
Nana & Papa came to see Boston get all his Arrows and Wolf Badge, and afterwards, Fishing!
Boston & Bro. Clegg
We have been so spoiled to have this man as our Leader. He started the Tiger cub den when Boston was 7 and he taught the boys so much at such a young age about Scouting.
Papa hooked Boston up with his Gear and Thank goodness, cause i was Struggling.
~ Today was also Bostons last day of School! He had his Field day today and had an absolute Blast!
He raced kids in his class and Placed 2nd and then 4th place overall with all the 2nd Graders. He was pretty excited about it.

The Little Gym "Graduation"

Hayes & Olivia, Brody, London, Kj, Tegan & Nate all Graduated from "Sports skills Training" at the Little Gym today! It was seriously HILARIOUS. They all got to show what they worked on and they were so funny! I was shocked that my kids would do it in front of the Parents, but they did! Hayes is one funny crazy little kid and his flips were Quite Awesome! I think he just liked tackling KJ the whole time.
Olivia and London were the only girls in this Group of boys and they showed them that they can hit balls, Play Hockey, Throw a Frisbee and Golf with the best of them!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Very wet Memorial Holiday...

We had our Hansen Memorial Day Party ! It was so much fun with LOTS of cousins and Games and yummy BBQ! We had to go with a back up plan and bring the games Inside, since it was Raining with Thunderstorms all night. The kids Played on a Blow up Obstacle Course, Basketball, Cake Walk, Jump Rope and Ring toss. It was alot of fun regardless of Bad Weather!

After all the fun activites with the Hansen Cousins, We all went to the cemetery to place flowers and flags by Parkers Grave. The kids all had Balloons to give to him and let them go into heaven. It was so Gorgeous with all the flowers everywhere for everyone and a little bit of rain started coming down. I Love talking about him to Hayes & Olivia, they say the cutest things, and all day long they were wondering when we could go see Parker in heaven. They were a little disappointed when we were at the Cemetery.
So Sweet...

Then we all went to Sonic to get Slushies and watched "National Treasure 2" {SO GOOD}
It was a Wonderful memorial Holiday...

Friday, May 23, 2008

"Authors tea"

Boston's "2nd" grade teacher is so Amazing. She does the greatest Projects for the kids and we have been so lucky to have her as his Teacher. All the kids wrote their own books. Boston's was on "Rattlesnakes" and he was just thrilled to learn so much about them and publish his book! Today was the "Authors Tea" and all the parents came and ate Refreshments while reading with all of these wonderful Authors.
It was so cute how organized the books were. They did their own art work and had a Table of Contents and Glossary.
And this is on the Agenda for the Weekend...

Berkshires Bunco ...

We had so much fun last night at our Monthly Bunco night with the ladies in the Neighborhood! Jane Hosted this Month and the food was so delicious, she made these yummy Parmesan cheese bowls, with Salad in them and the cookies were to die for!
{check out her blog for the recipe}

I don't know how i do it {it's not Strategy} but i get a high score everytime! I love it too, cause then i get to be one of the first to pick a gift! I also think we all burned a ton of calories by laughing all night Long. Thanks girls for another fun night.
This is the Cute bag that i won... I just LOVE it!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tasha had her baby...

Cory's Cousin and Our Good friends The Curry's, had their Beautiful Baby Boy yesterday on May 20th...
He weighed 8pds 2 oz and
19.5 inches long.
Carson is the Lucky and Super excited Older Brother!!
Congratulations Guys, We can't wait to meet Baby Curry!
{He is awaiting a name}

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I am betting on ...

Tonights performances WERE AMAZING!!! I love both David's and we usually Vote for David Cook! But i am going to have to Support our Utah Man..."David Archuleta"!!!

I would definately buy David Cooks CD.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Talent Show...

Boston's class had a Talent Show at School, so he had to Rock out to his Electric Guitar!
He did so good too. He played "Smoke on the water"! In the morning before he went to school he said to Cory and me, "How come i am like the only Musical person in this family"
Little Stinker...{Doesn't he even listen to me singing around the house} haha

Myla & Ezra were so cute, they are Ballroom partners so Ezra came to help Myla show off some of her cute Talent! They danced 3 different kind of dances. So CUTE!

The "Red Lizards" just finished their Co Ed season of Indoor soccer and are ready to start up again in a couple of weeks. Outdoor soccer was alot of fun too, just Really Cold, but now it is OVER! So this is one of our first free Saturdays in a long time!!
Now Little League Baseball is in FULL Effect, practices twice a week and 2 games a week. His team is the "Chicago White Sox". Boston is playing 2nd base and Outfield, and thinks he is going to be pitching soon, So he is loving it. He caught 3 outs in one Inning, He was pretty pumped about it too.

This is what these little monkeys do while Boston & Cory are at Warm up! They also LOVE to run out into the field and run the bases when the games are over!
After the Talent Show, Dinner & Baseball Game, Boston & I went with Jenn and the boys to see "Speed Racer" it was the late show, so we were pretty tired. It was cute, but slow in the beginning. I don't know if i would be buying this one...

Friday, May 16, 2008

The "NO Cavities Club"...

Yahoo NO CAVITIES!! All the kids went to Dr. Hammond for their Cleaning and did so great. Hayes & Olivia haven't been to the Dentist, so this was their first time. I was a little nervous that they would freak out. Right when we walked in the ladies gave them all these Balloons and toys to play with, so they were loving it. They watched "Toy Story 2" while getting checked and cleaned! Boston will have to be getting Braces in Mid Summer, Just on the top 4 teeth for 6 mo. This should help out for when he gets Braces when he is older!

Dr Hammond gave Boston 2 Gift cards to Borders for sending Hayes & Olivia in, he was pretty excited! We have the Best Dentist ever, they always have the funnest Back to school, Christmas and Halloween Parties for the kids! This is the cutest Office ever and everyone is seriously AMAZING!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Hapari Swimwear"

The NEW Suits are here...
My sister owns this swimsuit company, and all of the New Suits are out for SPRING!
Check out these cute new suits online at or at the Store in American fork {On main st. across from Allens tuxedo}
The Swimsuits are so darling, and i must add that the Models are little HOTTIES!

One of her new things this year is the "Captains Quarters" suits the boys can wear under their swimsuits! {Boston is one of the cute little models}

Monday, May 12, 2008

"Dancing with the Stars"

These are some of our Friends from "The Vibe" dance studio, and they seriously are AMAZING!!This cute little Couple will be dancing tomorrow night on ABC so Watch and Vote for them!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre~ "Mothers Day" ...

The girls got "Glitter Toes" today at "La Villa Salon" While the boys did this...

"Happy Mothers Day " Tomorrow...

Friday, May 09, 2008

"Twilight" trailer...

This actually looks pretty good! I was a little Hesitant on Edward, but he seems to be pretty cute so far! I am getting So excited...
{Press Pause at the bottom on Shannon's Tunes}

Monday, May 05, 2008


We had an absolute BLAST in Disneyland! We went with Geoff & Jenn's Family, Heather & Shea's Family, and Kierstin & Brent's Family. Then on Friday met up with my Sister Mindy and my 2 nieces (they were in LA for a Dance Comp) and My Sis In law Diana and niece & Nephew.{who live there and came for the day to play with us}
So we were busy with Cousins, Cousins and Friends the whole Trip, it was GREAT! Boston was Thoroughly entertained the whole time! He is now my BIG BOY and only goes on the BIGRides!

Boston's Fav's ~{character he's most like...BUZZ}
Tower Of Terror, California Screamin,

Maliboomer (5X), The Jedi Knight Academy (he is now Official)
Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain & ESPN Zone!

Hayes' Favorites~ {character he's most like... Lumiere}
DUMBO, All the Characters {Even the Princesses}, Signing his Autograph Book, BUZZ lightyear ride, The Electric Parade, Disney's PIXAR Parade {Awesome},

Cap't hook & Peter Pan, Toys in the Shops when you get off of the ride,
Pirates of the Carribbean, Turtle talk with Crush, & Breakfast with Goofy!

Olivia's Favorites~
{Character most like...The evil Witch on Snow white, (obviously we hit a wrong button ;-0)}

Ariels Grotto {She got to eat lunch with ALL the princesses}
Minnie Mouse's house in toon town, Peter Pan, BUZZ lightyear (Everyones Favorite ride), Princess Costumes, The Electric Parade, Finding Nemo ride, Turtle Talk with Crush!

Daddy's Fav's~{character most like...BUZZ}
ESPN Zone!!! Watching Olivia with the Princesses, Tower of Terror, BUZZ Lightear Ride & Flying Home!

Mommy's Fav's~ {character most like .... "Dot" (a bugs life)}
Child Swap passes, Fantasy Land, Soarin over California, Dinner at the Blue Bayou, Ariels Grotto, Watching the kids with all of the Characters, Spending time with
Family and Good Friends!

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